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REVIEW & BLOG TOUR: Adore (Spiral of Bliss #4) by Nina Lane **GIVEAWAY**

About ADORE (Spiral of Bliss #4)
Liv and Dean West have always fallen together, but this time they might fall apart...
Liv and Dean have everything…almost. With a rambunctious toddler, crazy work schedules, and too many responsibilities, they’ve lost sight of their passionate, intimate marriage. And Professor West is none too happy about that.
Determined to lure his wife into hot new adventures, Dean struggles with his need to have Liv all to himself and the reality of sharing her with the world.
Then he gets an opportunity that could change their lives…and Liv is faced with the prospect of her white knight going places where she can’t follow.


Well well well... If there ever is a couple I ADORE and LOVE then Dean & Liv are it!!!

Gah ok ok... What to say what to say?? It's 1am did I tell you that? Well it's 1am and here I am writing this because these characters have crawled themselves into my thoughts this week and I'm unable to let them go so I'm writing my thoughts down...

For me this book completed the series as far as Dean and Liv goes anyways..

So what's it about??
It picks up a couple years after awaken finishes, where they have Nicholas their son and where Liv is very much the business woman running the Wonderland coffee shop that brings in the community to a place of fun and safety... She is also in the midst of the town and what's happening amount the community. But most importantly she's now a mum a working mum but a mum that is devoted to her son and husband..

Dean is doing very well in his career, likewise but with still room for growth and with a reputation of his and with his work ethos he is moving places. So this book is very much about a couple that NEEDS to find some balance with each other, with their friends and family and within their community.

"I love you, Liv. If you're happy, I'm happy."

This is the kind of relationship where love conquers all and where life and everything else fades into nothing when they're together. You know I have read and followed this series from the beginning and I think I'm feeling kind of emotional right now because frankly after EVERYTHING they've been through I am super happy about where they are now... With the odd hiccup along the way.. They are HAPPY!!! This was a perrrfect ending to this beautiful couple.

What I loved
Their uniqueness, I can't say there is any couple that I've read that are similar to this couple. I'm married so I suppose I have loved very much the REALNESS of their relationship and even in a marriage once you settle we still have issues... Dean and Liv have worked through their issues and because of that I'd say their love shines through in dozens..

They are sexy and find ways that work, HOT DAHUM, completing and yes even rough on the edges... And yes with a toddler around they had to find ways that worked, but worked it did!!

Overall this really did complete the series and a highly recommended series for anyone who hasn't yet met Dean and Liv. And for those who are looking forward to more Dean and Liv enjoy as I'm kind of sad it's over!!

Enjoy Kt Xoxo

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