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REVIEWS: Jockblocked (Gridiron #2) by Jen Frederick **EXCERPT**

She’s always played it safe…

College junior Lucy Washington abides by one rule—avoid risk at all costs. She’s cautious in every aspect of her life, from her health, to her mock trial team, to the boring guys she dates. When a brash, gorgeous jock walks into the campus coffeeshop and turns his flirt on, Lucy is stunned by the force of attraction. For the first time ever, she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone, but can she really trust the guy who’s determined to sweep her off her feet?

He’s always played around…

Entering his last year of college eligibility, linebacker Matthew "Matty" Iverson has the team captaincy in his sights. And it’s his for the taking, if he can convince his quarterback Ace Anderson to give up the starting position. Luckily, Matty already has an edge—the hottie he’s lusting over just happens to be Ace’s childhood best friend. Getting Lucy on his side and in his bed? Hell yeah. Matty is more than confident he can have both, but when he falls hard for Lucy, it’s time for a new game plan: convince the woman of his dreams that she’s not sleeping with the enemy.

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4.5 Goldie STARS

This was a fun read. This one's about Matthew (Matty) Iverson, sexy linebacker and team captain to-be if he toes the line, and Lucy Watson, friend of Ace the QB and the woman who catches Matty's eye.
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Besides the thrill of the sport and the team camaraderie, sports romances can be just plain alluring because of the mighty fine specimens such as Matty.

Like any red blooded woman, Lucy may say that Matty's not her type but she can't deny the attraction. Lucy tries to fight Matty's pull as she's a risk-averse girl whose had life deal her some pretty hard hits. To her, Matty's a risk. He's a known man-whore and likes to have fun. Lucy's just not sure if he's worth it.

And for Lucy, with her health concerns, playing it safe was real. Many things Lucy did reminded me of someone I know who is in the same circumstance as Luce. I found Jen's take and portrayal of this very real.

The pace of this story was just right with Luce and Matty's relationship on a slow build. They became friends just as much as lovers.

This was realistic with a good amount of angst without the over the top drama. Sure, Matty and Luce had their issues to work out but the way in which both of them developed and grew was awesome and so refreshing.
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This is the second book in Jen Frederick's Gridiron series. It can be read as a stand alone although there are references and spoilers to book 1. I'm looking forward to more of the Westerners!
**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

4**** Stars

Opposite attract right?? Well this is the story of Sexy lovable easy going and the linebacker in the Warriors Matty. Then there's Luce she's the best friend of the latest quarterback Ace.. well she controls everything she does, everything is worked out precisely.. From the foods that enter her mouth to how she studies and how she calculates how she spends her day... Now I have to say having rules isn't usually my favourite story, I'm a fly by the wall kind of girl and although I may use lists to do things they're not set in stone cause well life happens. Lucy though on the other hand is a tough nut and is strict to the bone because she HAS TO BE!

The question though is he worth the risk??

Matthew wants Lucy to give him a chance, he may live the life of a football player, with ladies running at his feet but there's just something about Lucy that is pulling at him to keep seeking her, wooing her however you want to put it but he keeps on and takes the time to get to know her in a way that she understands.

They were such a lovely couple, and I sure as hell loved reading their romance unfold...

Why not 5 you ask??
Ace ace ace.. Sigh I'm not going to go into too much depth here cause I want you to Feel everything I did.. Just know this is NOT a story about cheating or anything like that, but aces feelings do get involved in the way the story unfolded in the later half. I ADORE angst I'd say that's my ULTIMATE favourite read. But here I just got sooo annoyed with the ass he became and although at the beginning I was thinking I'd love to read a story on him, now I'm not too sure.. I know this isn't a real reason to put it down one star on a side character but gah if you read it, I'll assure you, you'll understand my thinking here..

Saying that Jen did pull at my heart. She made me also HOT, happy, enjoy the ride. l LOVED Matty and Lucy as a couple they were it and I will definitely recommend it.. Just got slightly vexed there for a bit...

This is the second book in the Gridiron series but can be read as a STANDALONE as its about a different couple!!

ARC generously gifted in exchange for an honest review
I grab her foot and pull it into my lap. “Let’s do a risk/reward test.”
“Let’s not.” But her foot doesn’t move.
I massage her foot beneath the sock, pressing hard against the ball and then digging into the arch. She releases a tiny moan and her head falls back in a dick-hardening sexy motion. Fuuuuck. If this is how I feel from just touching this girl’s hand and foot, what would it be like to be between her legs, to suck on her tits, to feel her pussy pulse around my dick? Light-headed and incredibly aroused, I almost fall off the chair.

I gotta focus here. If I’m ever going to get past the foot and hand, I need to convince her that the reward with me would be off-the-charts amazing.

Clearing my throat, I keep rubbing her foot. “Having your foot in my lap, that’s a risk right? But you’re enjoying the rubdown. That’s a risk worth the reward.”
“Keep rubbing and stop talking,” she orders. Her eyes are closed.
Okay, but I’m not touching some other guy’s sock, particularly the guy whose bed she’s sleeping in. I don’t know if I fully buy into her “just friends” explanation for Ace. He has her picture in his locker. She’s wearing his socks. For all that, he’s at the Gas Station dry humping a Kappa and Lucy’s home alone. I pull off the sock and toss it aside and stare at her toes.
“Your nail polish is blue.” Since when did I think toes were sexy?
She wriggles them. “Yes, on both feet. You’re very observant. Haven’t you ever seen a girl’s toes before?”

“I’m sure I have.” I just don’t remember them. I have this strange feeling I’ll remember hers, though.
I run a light caress over the anklebone, down the spine of the Achilles tendon, and around the edge of her instep.

Her breathing hitches, so quiet and so soft, I might have imagined it.
“What’re you doing?” Her words are a husky whisper and my body responds accordingly.
My balls tighten and my dick’s so hard I’m worried it’ll snap in half, but I can’t reach into my jeans to readjust or I’ll scare her away.
“We’re testing your risk assessment.” And driving myself crazy.
“You should stop.”
“I can’t.” I move my hand up her ankle to cup the slender calf. “Feel good? Worth the risk?”
“I’m not sure.”

That’s an invitation if I ever heard one.
Is it possible to come from just rubbing a girl’s leg? I might test out that theory. “And now?” My fingers find the tender hollow behind her knee. Her pulse beats rapidly against my palm. She’s as turned on as I am and I haven’t even gotten to the good parts.
“It feels riskier,” she croaks.

Yeah, because pretty soon my hand is going to be on your thigh and I don’t know how I’m going to stop there.

Her fingers are turning white as she grips the sides of her chair. Is she holding herself back? Or keeping herself there?

Fuck, I want to kiss her so bad. I want to kiss her lips but I’d settle for her toes or her knee or‑shit, if all she’ll allow is for me to touch the tips of her fingers, I’d be okay with that. I need a taste of her. I’m dying for a taste of her.

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