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REVIEW: Time and Space by Rachel Robinson

Time and Space
Several men did Navy SEAL Cody Ridge DIRTY.

Not only did they take his career and his fiancée, they stole everything but his life, and he barely escaped with that.

Cody is back.

As the boss of Ridge Contracting, his life is a blur of adrenaline and endless hours of work. Thriving and successful, he has never forgotten what was taken or who is to blame. His scars run as deep as the hatred in his heart.
Everything Cody lost will be his again. At any cost.

Lainey Rosemont can decorate anything. Your drab bedroom? She’s got it. A rundown shack in the middle of N.Y.C.? Lainey is the woman for the job. Unfortunately her past love life isn’t something she can Feng shui.

She has moved on from her relationship with Cody. It was over--literally buried in the ground. When he comes spiraling back into her life she’s not sure where their limits lie. With her nuptials to the swoony, heartthrob, Navy SEAL, Dax Redding fast approaching Lainey has decisions to make and a past of sinister secrets to confront.

Time changes everything and space apart turns lovers into strangers.

The only thing standing between happily ever after and fate is revenge.

***Due to sexual content and language this novel is intended for readers 18+****

4 “Fast Lane” STARS

I'd forgotten (shame on me) just how well Rachel Robinson writes and what a great storyteller she is. My first read of hers was Crazy Good. If you've not read it, you really should because it's crazy good! This book is about Cody Ridge, an ex-Navy SEAL and the one and only love of his life Lainey Rosemont.

Can you imagine being held captive for over 3 years? Being declared dead? And then being rescued and returning to civilization only to discover that your fiancée's now engaged to marry another man?

Cody survived his captivity with his memories of Lainey and measuring time kept him sane...drip, drip, drip

The book takes place over a year since he's back. His business is thriving, Lainey's wedding is fast approaching and Cody is trying to live a life without her. But Lainey has other plans as she reaches out to him looking for closure? Answers? Something? And her now husband-to-be, Dax, another Navy SEAL, stands by hoping this'll give her what she needs to move forward to a future with him.

This was an emotional and at times, hard read for me. This story's about second chances: can a once in a lifetime love rebuild after such loss, tragedy and pain? Rachel leaves tantalizing bread crumbs that let’s you know that there’s more going on than meets the eye. Despite figuring out some of what was going on, the plot twists were good and the emotional turmoil left me with lots of hand wringing and queasiness as the story unfolded.

I grappled with all of these characters in different ways. I was undone and owned by Cody Ridge and totally understood the pull that Lainey felt for him.

Lainey confused me. I didn’t understand half of what she did. Who walks away from the supposed man of your dreams that’s been declared dead for over 3 years? I’m not saying be with him, I get that she was engaged to another man and had moved on but why didn’t she even talk to him for over a year? And why did she go along with the screwed up situation of being the ping pong between two men. Or did she? I get she was really confused but then take the men out of the equation to figure out what the f*ck she wants! I suppose if she'd done the mature thing then there wouldn’t have been any angst or a story! And TBH, she does eventually get there. Lainey did grow and develop through this and that was refreshing to see.

Finally, I had no respect for Dax at all or any of his f*cked up ways in which he’d accept things. I knew he was desperate but at times, it just made him pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book and I felt A LOT. In fact some of it made me really uncomfortable...

In the interest of full disclosure, if you haven't already figured it out, this story does involve a love triangle. Although it's not the focal point and it's hard to go into more of it without spoiling some of this. For some, I know this is a hard limit and while there isn't cheating per se, there're lots of shades of grey! I loathe cheating but I don't let it stop me from reading books that may include it and I always try to go in with an open mind. And that's one of the things I like about a good book, what I liked about this book. I want a book to push me out of my comfort zone. I want to feel a wide range of emotions even if I don’t like some of the characters or I feel they're totally doing the wrong thing. Time and Space did that for me.

Note: without going into a rant (don't get me started), Rachel's words are poetic, deep and beautiful and I'd highlighted some truly awesome quotes but unfortunately my Kindle clippings file is whacked right now and nothing was saved!

**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

Rachel grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA. She resides there with her badass husband, one child, one naked feline, and an African jungle cat.

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