Thursday, December 3, 2015

REVIEW & BLITZ: The Girl's Got Secrets (Forbidden Men #7) by Linda Kage **GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT**

Here’s the same old “girl posing as a boy” story but with a rock-n-roll twist.

Remy Curran dreams of one day being in a band, except the group she wants to join refuses to hire a girl drummer. So, she auditions as a guy...and makes the cut. 

Becoming “Sticks,” a member of Non-Castrato, isn’t quite what she dreamed it would be, though. She spends most of her time keeping up the subterfuge and learning how to walk, talk, act, and drink like a man. 

But what’s even harder to deal with is acting oblivious when the band’s heartthrob lead singer, Asher Hart, treats her like one of the guys and not a woman. She never imagined he’d be so much more than a pretty face with a nice voice. But he’s better than perfect. He’s perfect for her. 

When love and lies combine, Remy must keep up the act or lose everything. But who knew lying to reach one dream could prevent you from attaining an even bigger dream?

4 Te Amo Stars

This is Asher's story. One of the many sexy men of the Forbidden night club. He's the lead singer in a band and a guy with a complicated and sad past. He first meets Remy Curran, an awesome drummer looking for a band and also a smart, sassy lady, at Karaoke night at the Forbidden night club. He's sees her on stage and feels this instant connection although he knows nothing about her.

Remy and Asher meet again when she auditions for the drummer in his all male band, Non-Castrato. Asher doesn't recognize because she's wearing a wig and later when Remy's turned down because she has a vagina, Remy decides to try out as a male. So she gets her best friend who is a pro at special effects to disguise her as a guy. And of course, gets the gig!

I know, some may be rolling their eyes and finding this hard to believe. It is funny and it does make sense when you read it. And while I did have to suspend some reality, this was an entertaining and sweet read.

Remy and Asher become friends before lovers and while there are laughs, suspense and angst, it all perfectly balances out with the sweet love and sexy times!

"Whenever I look into your eyes, I feel like there could be more, so much more. Like there could be everything."

 photo tghgs_zpslecne0k3.jpg

"If you love someone enough, you find you can forgive them for just about anything, because living without them is more miserable than any grudge you could hold."

I've not read this entire series. In fact, I first read Ms. Kage with her sixth book in this series and had to read more. While this is #7, it can be read as a stand alone but I dare you to read this and not want to know more about all the other Forbidden Men!

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.**
"...You look just perfect. I would so throw you down on your bed and ride you right now if I didn’t know you were really a girl in there. Hell, I’m tempted to, anyway.”

I rolled my eyes but chased it with a smile. “Thanks. I think.”

“Now practice your man walk,” she demanded, waving out her hand.

I faltered. “My what?”

She sighed. “You’re not going to pass for a dude if you stroll in there with your hidden girl hips swaying and flattened tits pooched out on display.”

My mouth fell open. “Excuse me. I do NOT walk like that.”

She snorted. “Oh...own it, puta. You’re a hot piece of ass, you can’t help the girly swagger.”

“But I don’t—”

“Hunch your shoulder over a little more, concentrate on keeping your hips in line, and try to jut your cock forward when you strut.”


“That’s how hot guys walk, like they’re leading with their junk.”

I could only shake my head. I had honestly never seen a guy walk as if he were trying to poke his pecker out ahead of him. “Where do you come up with this shit?”

“Just do it, puta.”

I sighed but used her suggestions, trying to overdramatize the cock-and-go strut, as I was thusly dubbing it.

“What do you think?” I asked.

She purred out a promiscuous growl and clawed the air in my direction. “How do you say ‘I want to sit on your face’ in Spanish?”

Linda grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now she lives in Kansas with her husband, daughter, and nine cuckoo clocks. Her life's been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part of her world, and she is so happy to finally share some of her stories with other romance lovers.