Wednesday, November 25, 2015

REVIEW: The Truth About Him by M. O'Keefe

We played our roles, told each other lies.
But now Dylan is no longer just a mysterious deep voice on the other end of the line. We’re face-to-face and our relationship is very, very real.
We still have secrets—but so much is crystal clear:
The thrilling danger.
The raw, naked desire.
The need to keep feeling the way he makes me feel. Forever.
Dylan is putting up walls, trying to keep me safe, but he can’t shut me out. He has seen my darkness and rescued me. Now it’s my turn, if only he will let me.

4.5 “You and Me. Bedrock” STARS

This was so good. Enjoyed it as much as the first book and I hope there's more. Molly O'Keefe's writing is spellbinding and captures such beautiful imagery and the emotions of - Annie and Dylan - two beautifully broken people who struggle to shed their lies and fears while daring to believe in hope, happiness and love.
Annie and Dylan's journey picks up right from the nail biting cliffy in book 1. This book is even more of a transformation or metamorphosis for both as actions and consequences force both of them to truly look deep within themselves.

Dylan’s past comes to the forefront as all the ugliness and danger he fought so hard to be rid of takes up residence in between him and Annie.

“I didn’t know what this was, this thing we had between us. But it was powerful. And compelling. And both of us had spilled blood over it.”
Dylan has this ongoing, internal and often violent struggle with himself over Annie. It was raw, gritty and consuming.

“I wanted to fuck her and protect her all at the same time. I wanted to keep her and push her away. I was everything in opposites, and I felt torn apart by her.”

And Annie questions everything about who she is, what she wants and what she's willing to give and take. It was a beautiful thing to see this lost and broken woman grow and come into her own.
“Oh God, I tried not to smile. But I loved her like this. Unchained and furious. It was pure. A mess, but it was a pure mess.”
Not sure if Molly has plans for more in this series but I sure hope so. As much as Blake was a real A--hole in this one, I want him to find happiness too. And yeah, Max too! What can I say? I'm a sucker for a bad boy!

**ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

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