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REVIEW & TOUR: Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan **GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT**

Mirror, mirror ... who's the fairest of them all?

I still cringe when I hear that line. A fairy tale that had girls pretending they were the fairest, the most beautiful, and the most entitled. A fairy tale most couldn't grow out of turned my haunted childhood memories into a living nightmare. Girls who grew up believing that pile of garbage became the meanest of all 'mean girls.'

And those mean girls were right - it was a line meant for all the beautiful people in the world - and I knew the answer would never be me.

The women with long legs, flat stomachs, and perfect chests.

The type of women Kane Masters gravitated toward.

Well, that's definitely not Willow Tate.

No. That will never be me.

Because I'm completely imperfect.

And ... I hate myself.

I have no idea what Kane could possibly see in someone like me when he could have them.

**Standalone Novel**

4.5 #IamWillow Stars

Fancy having every feeling you have for yourself diminished and taken from you because your alone and your family are the people that did that to you? Fancy not knowing what it feels to really truly trust those that are supposed to be on your side except they are NOT. Well that was Willow until she met Kane that is.

I'm going to talk about the characters rather than the plot because you need t go through it with Willow and Kane yourselves. So I'm going to explain the characters and how I felt while reading it.

Kane talk about swoony and loving and talk about a man who knew how to live and breathe in his own skin, but he was also lonely on the inside so when he feels Willow truly feels her there Is some form of peace in them as a unit. He just wants to love her and help her to let go, to let him take the wings which is a big ask but one he does slowly and surely. He wants to be the strength she needs when she doesn't hold it. To lean on him. Gah can I swoon for him anymore. He saw who she was inside and not just the outside, but adored the outside likewise. He made her feel strong and powerful..

Yeah, I love my women to have curves because I find them mouth-wateringly attractive, but also because when they lacked those curves I crave, I always feared I would break them if I fucked how I love to fuck. Hard. Bruising. Rough.

Ultimately this is a story about letting go and of pastes and futures about feeling and living about loving and about finding THEIR HOME.

I'd say though aside from the love story which to me came second although this IS AN ALL CONSUMING LOVE STORY, it is also about survival and finding yourself, about stardom and what comes with being in the limelight. Kane is a actor/director and is known worldwide. B eing with someone like that means that your name is written on all magazines and newspapers and its not always factual news we all read them right?. That made me realise what some of these actors actually feel and go through, as this read was VERY REAL. It's about how willow became her own and is happy to be in her own skin. It's about body image and how we feel about ourselves. This is also Harper's story I felt her in this throughout, and it made me feel strong while reading it, you know it kind of made me think about the whole body image topic and how I feel about myself, how I want my kids to be happy too.

Willow really did speak to my heart. Truly because I feel like that myself it's a constant battle sometimes. I feel I'm a bad mum because I don't look the best compared to the other mums in the playground who can magically put there best clothes on, who can do their hair magically and put makeup on. Where-as I'm with three girls and just about manage to brush my teeth get dressed and sort the girls out before we leave so they can get there on time. I worry how people perceive how I look after my children based on how I look, except it's something I'm working on because they're only small and they look up to me. This story spoke to me because I too deal with eating habits and how people judge how you look. But I am getting there now I'm getting a little more time to myself. I think that anyone who has any form of self image and worry then you too will feel and understand how Willow feels, it will also give you some hope. I enjoyed this one and so very awed by Harper's strength for putting her heart out here.

Anyone who's worrying if it's too deep it's not. I just think if you understand the story and understand Willow then she'll talk to you. This still spoke to my guilty pleasure heart and I loved every hot and sexy scene. It was a fast paced unputadownable book.

Enjoy xo
**ARC gifted in exchange for an honest review**
“Are you nervous right now?”

I nod.

“Tell me why.” His demand, steady and calm, gives me the courage I need to tell him. To open a vein and bleed my insecurities.

“I’m not perfect,” I whisper.

“And neither am I, Willow. I don’t want perfect. What so many see as perfect, to me, is fake. Perfect isn’t achievable naturally. No one, and I mean no one, is perfect.”

I’m shaking my head before he’s even done speaking, but one long finger comes up and presses against my lips before I can speak.

“No, let me finish. There isn’t beauty in perfection. It’s as fake as the image the word projects. Beauty is found in imperfection, Willow, because to admit you’re not perfect means you’re admitting you’re not whole and absolute. When I think of myself, I see someone willing to admit he’s as far from complete as it gets because, in order to get to that perfection, I need to find the other part of me who will make my life better. To take all the faults I have and fill them, and only then will I be there. You see, the way I see it, the only way to become perfect is to find that perfectly imperfect person who brings it out of you.”

When he stops, I swear I might have stopped breathing. How am I supposed to respond to that?

“Do you trust me?” he asks, his voice strong and sure.

“Yes, Kane. Nerves or not, I do.”

“Then let me show you what I see when I look at you.”

He brings his hands up, framing my face once again in a way I’m quickly becoming addicted to the feeling of. His warm eyes implore, begging me without words to let him continue. I do not intend to stop him, regardless of the butterflies currently taking over my system. I’m all in.

Harper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they dubbed 'Estrogen Ocean', much to her husband’s chagrin. Harper has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her with her eReader attached. She enjoys bad reality TV and cheesy romantic flicks. Her favorite kind of hero--the super alpha kind!

Harper started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It didn't take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at nothing to have their story told.

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