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REVIEW & CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Sebastian Hunter from Semper Fi (The Education of... #3) by Jane Harvey-Berrick.

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4 Stars****

Ok where do I start, this is The Education of Caroline (The Education of..., #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick story but in Sebastian's POV, now I haven't read Caro's side of things this is completely new material for me, so if you haven't read the original story like me then this can be read as a STANDALONE. But being most people know this story I'm going to just explain some of my book thoughts.

I love male POV's I love to understand their feelings, their cockiness and its also great to read the naughty.

Jane is a storyteller and knows how to create something out of the box per-se. She takes you to a place you haven't been to, she enables you to see into Sebastian's eyes, and what he was going through. She created a story with Intrigue and helped you gain some perspective concerning what the marines do, but to also understand what a man will do to protect his woman, his life and fight for what he believes in.

To begin with Seb wasn't in the best frame of mind yet when he bumps in Caro 10 years after loosing her and he missed the hell out of her by using sex and alcohol as a way to numb the pain. Therefore he was in shock when he saw her for the first time at a meeting he wasn't expecting her to be attending. He deals with his life with the drink and that was something that Caro was scared of when they met, who was this man that be became because it wasn't the man she left back when he was a teenager. But he wants a chance to make it up to her and so they go back to where Caro is from, they travel Italy. I will say I really enjoyed this part where they are getting to know each other again, Seb sure knows how to wine and dine his lady and how to let her take her time to forgive his recent angry tone. His short fuse which is something that is easily sparked when he gets frustrated with Caro. But more so with himself, and how his vulnerability comes through, how he feels with her and how she's older so what does he have to offer her, when he's 'just a marine,' his words not mine.

The heart that loves is always young.
But time is of essence and they gradually creep up to the time where he has to leave and go back into the Marines for his last two years of service. This part for me was educational, yet I did struggle with this bit as it dragged slightly for me. I just felt that the amount of information of what happens there in the midst of war was a tad too much at times, that's just me though you may not agree so don't let that stop you from reading. Saying that it did give some insight and as a whole made me understand the tonne of the story. I suppose when things turned slightly crazy I could understand Sebs Heartbreak, his emotions, need, feelings and depression but ultimately his nightmares. I felt every pain with him in the latter end of the book because I have been through the middle with THEM.

The end was what I loved most because I truly felt all the emotions concerning where they came from to where they are now as a couple, and as individuals, concerning their careers and as a family. To me this was a story about LIVING and LOVE and how two people from separate ends of the world find a place for them. Find love within each other and I loved feeling Sebs full heart, he has been through a lot yet Caro helped him breathe again. He had a short fuse at times but he sure knew how to make it up to Caro. He loves easily and he never gave up.

Overall I enjoyed this story, if you've read Caro's side you will most likely adore this story and if your like me and want to try it I feel you'll enjoy it for different reasons. Jane as per the norm knows how to write a good story just be ready for one hell of a ride.

"Sei tutto per me." You mean the world to me.

Enjoy Xo

Reading order if you wish to read them all but this is a STANDALONE.

ARC generously gifted via the author in exchange for an honest review

Katy ~ Hey guys how are you both? It's lovely to have you here... 

Jane ~ We're good thank you, its great to be here. 

Katy ~ I have some questions for both of you, hope you don't mind. Semper-Fi was a rollarcoaster of emotions to read soooo I have lots to ask LOL Hope you don't mind but Geee Seb those eyes... 

Seb ~ Chuckles 

Katy ~ Jane you wrote ALOT about the time when they were in Afghanistan and what it was like to be there, was there a reason to do that and where did you get your research from? 

Jane ~ Yes, it’s a subject very close to my heart. I have friends who are military, and out of respect for them, I wanted to get it right. I also called on their experiences. And the journalist Rosie Garthwaite wrote a book ‘How to avoid being killed in a warzone’. That was really useful for Caro’s part of the story.

Katy ~ The military is close to your heart, is there a reason for that such as a family member or is it just something you value and are thankful for?? 

Jane ~ Friends who are as close as family, that’s for sure. And yes, I’m very thankful that these men and women put themselves on the line for our country. We send them out there, on our Government’s say-so, but when they come back, the support to ease them back into civilian life is patchy at best. And that’s being polite.

I wrote my play LATER, AFTER about exactly that. It’s the story of a man who worked in bomb disposal: utterly focussed, turning off his emotions to neutralize bombs, but now he no longer has his work, he’s lost, drifting.

It showed in London this summer, and we’re hoping to take it on a small tour of the UK next year. I wrote it with a friend of mine who served for over 20 years.

There are also two radio interviews with me about the play on my website. 

That’s why the proceeds for my next book are going to two military charities:

Katy ~ When you were going through the aftermath of the accident, I was in tears with those scenes, it touched my heart and I also felt for Caro too. You've been through such a lot as a couple and as individuals with your careers and the love you share, how you overcame your hardships. How are you both doing now? 

Seb ~ “Yeah, pretty good. Thanks for asking. Caro keeps my ass in order. She’s one shit hot mama, always has been.”

[interrupted by Caroline]
“Sebastian! Language! I’m sorry about that—he still talks like he’s with the other bootnecks.”

[Caro exits]
 Seb ~ “Ha ha! See what I mean? Fuck, she’s cute when she kicks my ass. She’s wrong about the cursing though—it was waaaay worse with the Devil Dogs.”

Katy ~ What is it that made you fall for Caro in the first place?? 

Seb ~ “Fuck’s sake! How long have you got? Okay, she’s goddamn beautiful. I mean, you must have noticed, right? Bangin’ body, and that long, glossy hair. Gets me every time. But it’s the fire in her eyes, the passion that burns so bright. My woman is the goddamn sun and moon. She’s kind, patient, puts up with my ass. She’s a great mother, just the best there is. And fuck me, she’s hot in bed.”

Katy ~ You've come far as a family? How are you all?? (I read the bonus chapter and loved it, but if you want to leave this question out or adapt it its up to you?) 

Seb ~ “We’re good. Better than good. We’re a unit—us against the world. We work together, play together. I didn’t know family life could be like that. I didn’t have that growing up—sure as shit my kids are going to have it, or I’ll die trying.

I mean yeah, we fight sometimes. My Caro is one passionate woman—it’s the Italian in her, I guess. But I’ll love her till my heart stops beating, and even then. And I know she feels the same. Sempre e per sempre.”

Katy ~ Have you been back to any of the places you traveled in Italy when you asked Caro to marry you? 

Seb ~ “No, but we’re definitely planning that trip. We’re gonna do a road trip, maybe next summer. Caro wants the kids to learn Italian, so we might stay a couple of months. It won’t be by bike, more like a fucking truck the amount of shit that comes with kids. But yeah, I’m up for that.”

Katy ~ How do you see your future together?? And are you enjoying your new career? 

Seb ~ “When I think of the future, I see my girl. Doing all that sentimental shit, growing old together.

The job’s okay. It’s meaningful and it makes a difference to people. But when you’re a Marine, it gets in your blood. You never feel more alive than when you’re facing death. It’s intense shit, day after day. It’s hard to describe. Nothing really comes close. I was numb for a long time after. Sometimes I never thought I’d feel like other people ever again. And I don’t, in some ways. I can’t explain. I served my country, and I saw my friends die. That’s not something you get over. Ever. But I don’t let it rule my life anymore.”

Katy ~ What do you do to relax nowadays? Still surfing? And are you still wearing those board shorts 'wink' :) 

Seb ~ “Heh heh! Yep! Still got the red boardshorts. Caro wouldn’t let me toss them. I don’t wear them anymore. Salt water rots the fabric. They’re in a closet somewhere—Caro would know.

I surf most days in the summer. The best waves are in the Fall and Spring—low pressure out in the Atlantic. Sorry, too much information. Epic waves in the winter, but the cold water is a bitch on my bad leg, so I don’t go in the ocean so much then.”

Katy ~ Is there anything you would have done differently in your past? 

Seb ~ “Fuck me, are you a shrink? Yeah, I’d do things differently. I’d have tried harder to find Caro when I was 21; I wouldn’t be such a prick when I found her again. Fuck, there’s a ton of stuff I’d do differently. But then again, every step brought me back to my girl, so, yeah. Whatever.”

Katy ~ Is there anything to want to share to us any advice to any marine who's been through that you've been through? 

Seb ~ “Yeah. It’s not weak to ask for help. We’re taught to be focussed and determined and to solve problems. But no one teaches you how to turn that off when you’re not in the Corps anymore. Guys—and girls—coming out, think they have to be double-hard bastards, but that’s bullshit.

You can’t make anyone ask for help, that’s the tough part. They’ve got to realize it for themselves. That’s the best advice I can give.”

Katy ~ Well thank you so much for having us, we've truly loved chatting with you. 

Seb ~ “You’re welcome, Katy. Cute outfit.”
[Smiles and winks]

Katy ~ Snicker'

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Semper-Fi is a STANDALONE but you can buy Caro's side of things in this bundle if you fancy a try. 

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