Tuesday, November 3, 2015

REVIEW: Camouflage (Predator and Prey #1) by Angelica Chase

I lived my life by two principles: order and excellence. 
My moral compass steered me out of the slums of backwoods Tennessee and towards the woman I was destined to become, but not without gathering a few skeletons along the way. 

Eventually, I found success, but my restless, relentless nature still left me feeling unsatisfied.

Then I met a ghost of a man.

At first, I was sure Daniello was a figment of my imagination, a beautiful and dangerous apparition with a fat cock and an animalistic hunger. He threatened my control and need for order, and in his absence, I became more haunted by my past.

He wanted me submissive.

I wanted to know him.

Then my ghost met my skeletons.

Camouflage is the first full length book of a duet.
If you are not a fan of cursing, erotic, extremely explicit sex, immoral behavior, dysfunction, or sexual scenarios that may make you feel uncomfortable, this is not the series for you.


“I had a past that kept me in shackles until I freed myself with excellence. It was my camouflage, my way of escape. I became bulletproof.”

This was truly a fantastic read! I love Angelia Chase. To me, she's a definite go-to author for a great read with intrigue, hot sex, deeply flawed characters and originality. I read this in one sitting and almost threw my Kindle when it was done. Not because it was bad but because it was THAT GOOD. I wanted MORE NOW!! I think this is her best book to date.

I'd been intrigued by Taylor in the Excess series (in fact more so than Nina) and had patiently awaited her story. This surpassed my expectations!

Taylor Ellison is one badass. From birth, the deck was stacked against her but she over came all odds. Learning the hard way, with men disappointing her from a young age, she did what she had to to survive and make something of herself. I'm adding her to my Book Girlfriend shelf...there's not many woman that make me swoon and wish that I could walk a day, a month, a year in her shoes...Taylor is one of them! She owns who she is, embraces it all...
fighting with order and excellence to destroy all the chaos from her past.

Taylor is lonely. She's looking for a sexual partner. Not a relationship. She doesn't do relationships or love. One man has caught her attention, Daniello. He's dark, exotic, sexy and mysterious.

“Tell me, Taylor Ellison, do you think I am the devil?”

“No.” Staring into his etched features, I had no choice but to draw my conclusion. “I think you are his greatest creation.”

Taylor sets her sights on Daniello, making him her prey. Although, he isn't easily captured and these two play a game of cat and mouse.

Finally, each is captured by the other and Taylor enters into a relationship of sorts although Daniello clearly states that he calls the shots and he decides when it ends. Taylor is not one to take orders or ever succumb to a man, although she wants to be dominated in the bedroom.

It's clear real quick that Daniello has a dangerous and shady background. And in a way, represents everything Taylor fought to escape from to gain her freedom.

“Complete opposites, nothing in common, nothing to bond with but our shared bodies, I gave in to the one thing we both wanted.”

“I could compartmentalize lust, but this attraction was far too strong. He was like the opposite end of a magnet and I had no choice.”

Taylor and Daniello were combustible! I thought my Kindle was going to go up in flames from the raw passion and desire between these two.

And while, this was just sex. These two do form some unspoken bond that neither wants to delve into too deeply but nonetheless, it's there.

“Everything I tell you is for you! Everything I do and do not do is for you! Goddamn it, woman, you have moved me and I cannot fucking stay away from you! Stop fighting me! I am giving you everything I can give you!”

Not only does Daniello stir an insatiable lust in Taylor, his presence and his absence stirs up her past. She finds herself dreaming and thinking about her past and the demons she left behind.

“…all the ghosts of my past were making an appearance these days.”

There were some individuals from her past that were obviously going to be a problem...
and while I saw where this was going, it didn't take away from the story at all. In fact, it made me want to find out how it'll unfold.

I highly recommend this series! It was...

**An ARC generously provided by Angelica Chase in exchange for an honest review.**

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