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REVIEW: Calm & Storm (The Night Horde SoCal #6) by Susan Fanetti


Ronin Drago has always been a fighter, a warrior, a soldier. Not one to take the lead or the limelight, he stands stalwart with his brothers, but he keeps his own counsel.

The Night Horde SoCal has been taking too many hits lately, and he fears that they are cracking under the strain. Every run seems to bring more chaos and less clarity, and Ronin no longer sees the purpose in their fight. But he is a loyal man, and long ago the club gave him a family when he had no other, when he came home from war to an empty life that had once been full of love and promise.

Lorraine Milligan loved the young man that Ronin had been in that long ago time, and she loves him still. But she broke his heart and left his life empty. She’s regretted it ever since, but she never thought to have the chance to make amends.

In the years since she ran from their young love, she has made a good life, successful and content, but shadowed by her regret, her Great Lost Love.

When their paths cross unexpectedly and the old spark between them rekindles, they have a chance to remake a future together. But first Ronin must come to terms with the full dimension of what he lost when Lorraine left him.

And then they both must decide if his club and their love can fit together at all.

**This volume also includes Home & Safe, the epilogue novella to the Night Horde SoCal series.**

Note: Explicit Sex and Violence.


This was an emotional ride; the last book in this fabulous series covered a lot of ground. In a way that only Susan Fanetti can do, she gave me closure that let me walk away at peace but not without leaving my heart feeling like it's been pulverized.

As I write this, it feels as though I’ll be doing two reviews in one. One for Edmund ‘Ronin’ Drago and Lorraine ‘Rainy’ Mulligan's story and the other on the finale of the Night Horde SoCal series.

Ronin is truly a beautiful man. I adored his story and his zen like presence and thought process although he's this powerful man: a force to be reckoned with. I struggled with Rainy - a first for me as I usually fall quickly and deeply for Susan's heroines. Ronin and Rainy have a past that didn't end well at all. When their paths cross 25 years later, Ronin suffers another hurt as he learns that there was more to their story.

At first, I wasn't sure I'd warm to Rainy and really wasn't sure there was anything that could make me understand her. But in true Fanetti fashion, she brought me around through Ronin's actions, thoughts and also, to a lesser extent, Rainy's true remorse and unquestionable love.

“He was a loyal man. When he loved, he loved for life.”

Calm & Storm was aptly named as along side Rainy and Ronin's story, which had both, the Horde also prepares for a storm, which I could only hope ended in calm. You can sense and also see through Ronin's words the distrust and fracture that runs through the Night Horde.

It's been a slow and painful process to bring these men to this point but these men continue to fight united, even while each struggles to hang onto the bonds, love and family that binds them. As expected, the end does bring violence, spilled blood as well as immeasurable loss.

"They were outlaws, after all."

Excerpt from Susan Fanetti’s foreword:

“It is because we know sorrow that we can know joy, because we know pain that we can know pleasure. A true life – a good, full life – contains the full complement of emotions. To me, the real beauty of a person, real or fictional, is in their strength when life is hard and full of sorrow, how they persevere and find a way to fill that carved space with joy.”

My emotions were battered about during this finale, especially in the latter part of this book. I started out with a dignified and quiet cry...
...and rapidly moved to uncontrollable, racking sobs.

As crazy and as ruthless as Lola is (Fanetti's muse - and I mean this is the most complementary way possible!), this was how it had to end. I knew there was one thing that I'd wanted for so long and while the road was hard and brutal, it had to end this way.

If you LOVE stories about Motorcycle Clubs, you MUST. READ. the Signal Bend and Night Horde SoCal series. I won't lie to you, while this is fiction, Ms. Fanetti is as REAL as it gets. She's doesn't hold back punches and she'll give you the ride of your life with a HEA for now and seriously, what more could you ask for? THE NIGHT HORDE MC STORIES ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!

I won't say goodbye to the Night Horde because while this series has ended, they will remain with me forever.

***A HUGE thank you to Kim B and Amy (Foxy) for being there for me while reading this. You ladies rock!***

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