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CHARACTER SPOTLIGHT: Jensen Reynolds from Paper Hearts (Hearts #2) by Claire Contreras. ***INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY***

Gah who loves Sexy, Loving Jensen from Paper Hearts by Claire Contereas? Well Katy & Suzanne were lucky enough to interview him and boy did we have some fun chatting to him, plus those eyes. Talk about intense.. So we have an interview, plus info on how to read this book if you haven't already.

So enjoy Xoxox 

5++++ Road Runner Stars

One of the big reasons why I love fiction and romance is because I love being taken to an unknown place where I can dream and think, and there were moments where I did just that. Like I felt I was sitting on that bench in Central Park in NYC and watching those people walk past and live their lives or feel their pain.

Gah the column, the dating, the interviews were fun and delicious to read. It all kind of reminded me of the film You've got mail on a different level. Everything about the story captured my heart.

This book though bled me dry, I felt every anxiety, every emotion and every tear. I honestly don't think this book needs a review based on what it's about as for one it has already many reviews out there already, so giving my two cents isn't really needed. But to me this book is character driven, it's an EPIC LOVE STORY so I'm just going to explain a few of my thoughts and emotions while reading it.

This book had me in knots yet had me gushing for Jensen and also Mia's love through and through, they were obviously meant to be.

When I read Kaleidoscope Hearts I was set to believe that Jensen was this darker and mysterious tattoo'd man that hurt Mia, in actual fact he has a BIG HUGE HEART that just didn't have many options at the time.
Jensen just keeps his emotions close to his chest, but also opens himself to people who want to see who he is. He's a writer, he writes children's story's about a girl who believed in him, he also writes a column about dating and his own romance but also a love novel. Therefore he is all about the heart and is able to tell people who he is on paper.

I adored Jensen and his Intense charisma plus his beautiful open heart, that just wanted Mia to forgive his choice and learn to let him in again. She was a Fiesty heroine and felt hurt by their past. Yet Jensen just pulled everything he had to help HER heal. Once Mia started to believe in them and be ok with Jensen then we start to see how happy they cold be, is the kind of love we dream about in books, and I held my kindle on my chest feeling their love in quantities.

Paper Hearts is an epic journey of two people who wait for timing and making the other believe in them. It's about teaching the other how to live, how to be friends again and how to move on from that. A story about new beginnings, about second chances. About loving the one person who means EVERYTHING to you. I felt EVERYTHING with them, for them, and alongside them. I would say though above all this second chance love story was a good balance of everything, about them as a couple, a family, friends, New York, photos, art, books, coffee.. Gah it had it all for me and took me to a city I'm dying to visit some day, it's one reason why I read. To visit places, Paper Hearts took me places. If your like me and love that then pick this book up..

That is all.

Katy ~ Hey Jensen how are you?? Flutters eyes wow he has intense eyes right Suzanne oh sighhhh ...  

Suzanne ~ Ok umm are you ok for us to start?

Jensen ~ Sure go ahead!

Katy ~ Can you tell us why you write about dating??? Is there a reason behind writing about your personal life so easily... Eeek I'm not sure I would be that brave, even though we love to hear those thoughts hehe??? 

Jensen ~ I think it started out as a way to not harbor things I was feeling, and it stuck. When I write fiction I’m actually much more nervous.

Suzanne ~  Hey Jensen, you and Mia have THAT kind of love story  - one that most woman dream of - if your story ever made it to the silver screen, who would you want to play you and Mia?  

Jensen ~ I’ll go with Bradley Cooper since Mia thinks he’s good looking. As for her… Jennifer Lawrence. Ha. Aren’t those two paired up together pretty often? Maybe I’m on to something…

Katy ~ I know you have written your children's book about Mia, but is there any other reason behind you writing a children's book?? And can you tell us your favourite children's story after all we all have children here??? 

Jensen ~ My favorites are The Little Prince and The Giving Tree. I’ve always enjoyed writing children’s books. I find that they’re much more challenging to write than adult books.
Katy ~ Wow I've never heard of those books, off to buy for my girls. Thanks for the rec Jensen. 

Jensen ~ I hope they enjoy them. 

Suzanne ~ Okay, I know I'm being a bit ballsy here but I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that wants to ask you this...why did you wait for Mia to come to you? What if she'd never gone to New York, would you have made a move?

Jensen ~ I’d been writing stories about her for a while, but after everything I figured she needed to be the one to reach out. I’d already tried talking to her countless times when I saw her over the years, but it was pointless. She could barely look at me. I don’t blame her, but after a while I figured I would give her space. I’m not sure when or how we would have ended up together, but I like to think that even if it had been twenty years down the line, it would have happened.

Katy ~ What do you enjoy about NYC? 

Jensen ~ The people, the seasons, the fact that there’s always something to do.

Suzanne ~ I know you adore Mia but there HAS TO BE something that she does that annoys you! What's one habit or thing that Mia does that drives you crazy? 

Jensen ~ How much time do I have? Lol She doesn’t do anything major that annoys me. It’s the little things that get me, like the fact that she needs to have ten bottles of shampoo in the shower at all times because she doesn’t know “what she’s in the mood for”, therefore she clogs up the entire windowsill. She’s terrible with folding laundry. She likes to nag me for leaving things around the house, but god forbid I say anything about the laundry basket that’s been there for an entire week. At the end of the day, those things are so dumb, though, because the way she’s constantly rolling her eyes used to annoy me when we were young, yet it was one of the biggest things I missed while we were apart. 

Katy ~ what's your favourite coffee or tea drink? 

Jensen ~ I take my coffee black, and don’t really drink tea. Mia has a million things she says in her order, though, which makes any Starbucks run pretty interesting.
Suzanne ~  If you could pick one song to describe your relationship or love for Mia, what song would you pick and why? 

Jensen ~ After the Storm by Mumford & Sons reminds me of our relationship. There’s a line in it that just makes me think of her. “And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears, and love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.” I think for a long time she cried over love and hated the idea of it, and I’m glad I have the chance to redeem it, especially since I was the one who put that fear in her in the first place. 

Katy ~ What made you fall for Mia in the first place, and is there a special memory that you can share with us?? 

Jensen ~ It’s funny, I’ve known her my entire life. I was there when she had her first boyfriend, and she was around when I had my first girlfriend, and I never really saw her in that light. I guess in hindsight I did, but back then I just saw her as this pretty girl who hung around sometimes. When she did hang around, we would laugh at the same jokes and agree on so many of the same things, but that was that. I was older than her so I was in a different crowd. When she got to college and started hanging out with my friends from school I guess I stopped seeing her as a young girl and realized she was close to my age. College will do that. And then one day I just saw her. Really saw her, and noticed that she had seen me all along. It’s hard to explain and now that I’m trying I sound like a pussy, which I’m sure Victor will get a kick out of.

Katy ~ How is family life treating you?? And how are Mia and Olivia getting on??

Jensen ~ It’s great. They’re great together. 

Suzanne ~ . I simply adored your dating column *blushes* , what would be your one piece of advice for keeping a relationship alive and strong? 

Jensen ~ Thank you. I’m really not an expert, but I think a lot of people think that when their relationships or their lives become routine, there’s a problem or the “spark is dead”. I think if you’re still able to go to bed at night and smile because you know that the person beside you will be there in the morning, your relationship is very much alive. Maybe you’re bored. Maybe work is exhausting for you and your spouse, but you’re both there, and that’s more than a lot of people can say. When all else fails, make your own spark.  

Katy ~ Mia's a photographer.. And btw we adore photography on our blog.. But do you have a favourite photo she took that you love, or even a favourite memory that she captured that you will keep and saviour? 

Jensen ~ My favorite is actually a picture Estelle took of Mia, Olivia and myself when we didn’t know she was taking it. You can practically feel the love in that picture. 
Katy ~ Thanks so much for speaking to us. 

Jensen ~ Your welcome Xo 

These are both standalones. 
But Jensen's & Mia's story is Paper Hearts, which includes the Novella Torn Hearts which needs to be read before you start. 


My name is Claire and I am a New York Times & USA Today Best Selling author, mother of two, wife of one, owner of three dogs, and breast cancer survivor.
I enjoy writing anything from children’s stories to erotic suspense, but my most notable work is a contemporary romance. When I’m not writing, I’m reading and dreaming about places I want to visit.
I’m represented by Rebecca Friedman, so if you have inquiries about my work please send them her way. If you have any questions for me, feel free to shoot me an email! I try my best to keep up with those.

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