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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Kendra Leigh from the Bound Trilogy ***INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY***

Back in March I decided to take a chance on a debut author and read something that wasn't on my TBR pile. Well boy was I glad I took it, because I was gripped to these books, characters and Kendra's writing. If you are like me and fancy trying a new author then I'd highly recommend this. This series is a billionaire series with lots of added twists to add to the mix, sexy scenes, lovable and a protective Alpha then your sure need to meet Ethan. 

Enjoy Xoxo


Katy ~ Hi, Kendra, how are you???
Kendra ~ Hi, Katy, I’m very well, thank you! Thrilled to be sat in the SS hot seat.

 It's so nice to have you with us. I can remember when I first picked up Bound for Hell and was stuck in place with Ethan and Angel. Can you tell us where that story came from??
Kendra ~ I’m not really sure where the story in its entirety came from, it just developed piece by piece as I went along. The seed of the story was planted by Angel herself, as if she spoke to me wanting me to tell her story. In so many of our romance stories, particularly the swoon worthy billionaires, it’s usually the male character who is broken and harboring a damaged past and splintered soul. I wanted to flip it on its head and introduce a broken heroine. I wanted to write the story from Angel’s POV, and I wanted the reader to really see the destruction that emotional abuse can inflict on a person—to be able to see inside her nightmares, witness her struggle with isolation, but in the end evolve into a strong and determined individual.
Instead of the bad-boy billionaire, I wanted Ethan to be the savior that Angel needed, her warrior, her protector. It was his job to convince her she was worthy of love, that he would catch her if she fell, but ultimately to teach her that she was strong enough to stand up to her demons. Of course, Ethan couldn’t come without his flaws, as we learn in book 2, Bound for Salvation. I felt the couple needed obstacles to overcome in order to show the reader how strong they were as a couple, and to really relate to how deeply they felt for each other by witnessing the lengths they would go to protect each other.
The inspiration for the opening chapter, when Ethan and Angel first meet, came from a discussion about sexual fantasies—and before you ask, yes, it was a discussion I initiated. Aside from their emotional connection, I wanted the couple’s physical relationship to be off the charts, something way beyond regular sexual desire. To achieve that, their meeting had to be something out of the ordinary. For those who haven’t read the trilogy yet, I won’t spoil it—I’ll just say that their first encounter was… explosive.

Katy ~ Can you tell us how you started writing and has it always been something you love to do?
For as long as I remember, I’ve always loved to read. For me, there was nothing like opening a book to escape into a world of fantasy. However, writing my own book was something I never even imagined I could do and didn’t even cross my mind to try until three years ago. In 2009, I became ill and was diagnosed with ME/CFS. The effects were devastating and, among many other debilitating symptoms, included cognitive deficits—difficulty with memory, attention and information processing. The result was I didn’t read for about two years. It was during my fight to beat the illness that I rediscovered my love for reading, and it became an essential part of my recovery. I began to wonder how many other people out there relied on the stories and characters people created to get them through the day. When I sat down to write my first book, I never expected to publish it. I just wanted to see if I could do it. If I could be the creator of a story with characters people could fall in love with, that might just help someone through their day. When I sat back and read my own words and saw the potential for a book—well, there was nobody more surprised than me.
Katy ~ Is there a special place you go to write??
I’d like to say yes and have you visualize a cozy little reading nook, or a bench on a hilltop overlooking the sea, but sadly, no.  My dining area is now my office, and it is there that my imaginings come to life.

Katy ~ Can you recommend a book and author you love to your readers?? 
Kendra ~ There are far too many talented authors out there to choose only one. Aside from that, I’ve learned from my own writing experience that what one person loves another might hate—so my advice, embrace them all, read them all.

Katy ~ What do you do to relax? 
I have recently discovered Pilates. It was recommended to me by my physiotherapist, because being hunched over a computer all day does nothing for your posture. As well as strengthening my core muscles to give support to my spine, I find it incredibly relaxing. It involves a lot of concentration on your breathing and control of movements, so everything else just gets forgotten about, and you’re left feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated.

Katy ~  love music when I read, do you, and if so what do you like?
I prefer silence for both reading and writing, but I enjoy listening to music to inspire me before I write. I love Scala & Kolacny Brothers, the Belgian choir. They do some amazing renditions of contemporary music, and they feature a lot in The Bound Trilogy playlists. I also love Christina Perri, she has the voice of an angel and she sings with such poignancy.

Katy ~ And lastly, can you tell us anything that's in store for you next? (We want details LOL) 
I’ve been asked this so many times just recently with people enquiring if Jackson will get his own story. Jackson, for those who don’t know, is a secondary character in the trilogy. He plays a big part in Ethan and Angel’s story, and I was overjoyed that so many grew to love him the way they have. So, yes, Jackson “The Man” gets his own story and it’s up next. It will be able to be read as a standalone, as the story is solely Jackson’s and not connected to Ethan and Angel’s, but the pair will make some guest appearances. I’m hoping to have it on your Kindles by the middle of next year if not sooner, so watch this space.

Kendra Leigh fell in love with books and the wonderful world of reading from a very young age. She was at her happiest when Enid Blyton whisked her away up into the magical lands at the top of the Faraway Tree with Moon-face and the rest of the gang. Books have been her constant source of escapism ever since. Currently residing in the UK, Kendra devotes her life to her devilishly handsome partner, scandalously beautiful daughter and cute as hell Shih-Tzu. As well as writing and reading, Kendra loves great TV, especially Dexter, Homeland and Breaking Bad.

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  1. Thank you for a terrific post about one of my very, very favorite authors & her incredible series!

  2. Thank you for a terrific post about one of my very, very favorite authors & her incredible series!

    1. Your so welcome! I loved doing this and totally agree ❤️ Kendra!!! Xxx ~ Katy 😚