Wednesday, September 2, 2015

REVIEW: Rule (Songs of Corruption #3) by C.D. Reiss

Book Three in The Corruption Series. You must read SPIN and RUIN before reading RULE!

Theresa and Antonio.

They've been through hell. Antonio has a price on his head for turning his back on a marriage deal, and Theresa has no intention of turning her back on him. They're devoted and strong, ready for anything....

A Love Tested To The Limit

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In this stunning conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling series, Antonio and Theresa will have their passion, their devotion and their very will to live tested.

And then, someone from Antonio's past reappears. Someone who can give him everything he ever wanted, and who can shake them to their very core.


I'm at a loss for words. The final book in the Corruption series left me wrung out

and a big tumbler of emotions.

My Thoughts:

Contessa: I’ve liked Theresa Drazen from day one and to see her grow and transform through this series into such a formidable character with strength, allure, confidence, love and compassion was such a beautiful thing.

CD Reiss: What a goddess of the written word!

She has truly crafted a phenomenal love story amidst the clutches of the mafia and the entanglements of the Drazen clan.

Both Antonio and Theresa are such memorable characters and their love, their fierce passion and protection of each other was palpable and contagious.

Antonio: My Capo, my Spin... what a truly magnificent male character. There are only truly a few mob men that I'd kill for and willing embrace Omertà as my way...Antonio Spinelli is at the top...he is why I totally understand all that Theresa does.

"He pulled back, and I drank in the lines of his face, the texture of stubble on his cheeks, the espresso of his eyes."

“A warrior. A king. My capo, always, always, always.”

Theresa and Antonio's passion was like no other.

Their bond was perfect ,

their thoughts and words were potent and poetic , and

their undying commitment and love was simply phenomenal!!!

“I want what I love, and I love what I want. What I want is you. You came to me as a lady and now you are a queen. I’ve never met a woman like you. I don’t even deserve you, but I have you. And having you, I’m not giving you up…Your world is my world. Our world.”

Overall, this was Overwhelming. Out-of-this-world. Outstanding ! I will read this again in its entirety and I just know that it’ll rock my world all over again.

"Ti voglio bene, Theresa. Ti amerò sempre. Fino alla fine dei miei giorni.”

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