Sunday, August 16, 2015

REVIEW: Knife & Flesh (The Night Horde SoCal #4) by Susan Fanetti

Patrick “Trick” Stavros is a soldier in the Night Horde SoCal, and he was a soldier in the US Army, once upon a time—a sniper deployed to Afghanistan. The club recently tasked him to use those skills, and the job he did for his club weighs heavy on him, just as the job he did for his country does. He’s struggling under the weight, and he’s beginning to crumble.

Juliana Dominguez is a single mother who has just moved with her young daughter, Lucie, into Trick’s apartment complex. Juliana and Trick know each other a little, and share a mutual attraction, but she has rebuffed his advances. She knows about the Night Horde, and she wants a safer, more secure life for her daughter.

Circumstances conspire to bring them together despite Juliana’s reservations, and they learn that they share some kinds of pain and can make each other stronger. Then, just as Juliana realizes that, with Trick, she and Lucie can have the security and stability they need, and also have something even more important—real, deep, meaningful love—the consequences of Trick’s club life threaten to tear it all away.

Note: Explicit Sex and Violence.

You’re a good people.” Stars

A truly brilliant read. This series just gets better and better. I truly don't know how Susan Fanetti manages to create these beautifully moving, uniquely heart-wrenching love stories - no two are alike and yet each bond, each connection is searing, original and breathtaking. For me, Trick and Juliana's was transcendent.

Patrick "Trick" Stavros is a thinker, an artist, a sniper, a soldier, a brother, a friend and a lover.

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Juliana Dominguez is a mother, a student, a designer, a daughter, a woman and a lover.

We got a glimpse of Juliana in Con's book and she intrigued me. And Trick, I found myself falling for him also in Con's book. While he was in the background of that story, his presence was strong, steady and impressionable. Trick and Juliana's story is as beautiful and endearing as it is dark and heart breaking.

“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”

Trick is burdened, buried and frozen by his past and his sins. Juliana and her little girl, Lucie, is his now and his future. This story is vivid, warm and embracing the strength of the human spirit, the tolerance and complexity of the mind and the resilience and reverence of the heart.

If you're a Fanetti fan and haven't read this, you are in for one special ride.

And if you've never read Susan Fanetti, where the heck have you been? You must! And finally, if you're a goner for MC books, then this is a MUST READ.

For me, I really enjoy reading MC books. The brotherhood, the power, struggles and family of it all just pulls me in. Susan Fanetti does it best. No two bikers are alike and those that bond as best friends are often polar opposites and that's why it works. At the end of this book, she's included an essay from Trick on why he's in a Motorcycle Club -- This Life: What It Means -- Freedom. Rebellion. Family. Love. A truly wonderful piece that encapsulates all that draws me to her stories and why these men, the Nigh Horde (Signal Bend and SoCal), are so near and dear to my heart.

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