Sunday, August 30, 2015

REVIEW: Dream & Dare (The Night Horde SoCal #3.5) by Susan Fanetti

Jerome “Hoosier” Elliott is the President of the Night Horde SoCal. He has worn a patch for many years, and he’s led his club, and his family, through times of strength and times of struggle.

For most of those years, his old lady, Bedelia Beth—“Bibi” to those who know and love her—has stood by his side. Club life has had its challenges, some almost insurmountable, but they have made each other strong and waited for each other always.

Together, they made the club a family.

After club violence tears them apart, Hoosier needs Bibi to find him and bring him back. The way to their future is their past: the story of the life they’ve made together, and the dreams they’ve dared to make come true.

Note: Explicit Sex and Violence.

5 "Cheeks" Stars

Absolutely devoured this in one sitting! This is Hoosier, Jerome Andrew Elliott, the president of the Night Horde SoCal MC and Bibi's, Bedelia Beth Ladue, his old lady and mother to all, tale.

This story takes place in both the present and the past as Bibi fights to bring Hooj back to those who love him. Their story starts with Hoosier in hospital still recovering from the fire. He’s awake but he can’t speak, he’s learning to walk and has to develop his motor skills and he only recognizes Bibi. The doctors fear due to his age and his injuries, if he doesn’t start communicating soon, he will be lost to them. So Bibi tells him their story to “Lead him back to the present.” And so it begins…

”You know what. Darlin’ I am goin’ to tell you a story today. It’s the best story I know.”

This is a story of the strength of love and endurance of a relationship through the good, the bad and the ugly. Hooj and Bibi have a 42 year marriage that has seen and endured it all. I can’t tell you how each Fanetti novel I read seems like my favourite at the time because of how well Ms. Fanetti evokes the voices, the hearts and the minds of her characters.

Living through the eyes of Hoosier and Bibi was emotional and also absolutely inspiring. It truly demonstrates that even through the tears, the blood, the scars –physical and mental – setbacks and heart ache, true love can persevere.

The human heart, mind and spirit is a formidable foe and with its soul mate at its side, it will not be broken or shaken no matter what.

Another awesome read from Ms. Fanetti!


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