Monday, July 27, 2015

WHO'D YOU RATHER? Book Boyfriend Version

I (Katy) got tagged by Foxy Blogs to do another who'd you rather? This time its the Book Boyfriend version. 

How to Play? 
How to play -> between the two book boyfriends YOU say which guy you’d rather.  Then YOU take 2 book boyfriends and ask others ‘Who’d They Rather [fill in the blank].’

Both of these BBF have cemented themselves in my heart and its a toughy. So would you rather Flash that #CheckeredFlag for Colton or Play Bottle Caps with Gavin? 

Buy The Books
Colton Donovan

Gavin Blake

So Who'd You Rather? 

Would it be Colton and flash that #CheckeredFlag & #GameOverBaby?? 

Or would it be Play those Bottle Caps with Gavin Blake?
"Your my World.
My Life.The air I Fucking Breathe."

Tough choices right?? 

I now tag Lana from Dirty Girl Romance 
& Allison and Jasmine from Reading Escapade Book Blog.

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