Friday, July 17, 2015

REVIEW: Violent Things (Chaos & Ruin #1) by Callie Hart

You’re never really out until you’re dead. That’s what the mob bosses, gunrunners and car thieves of Seattle will tell you, anyway. 

Zeth Mayfair, ex mafia enforcer, has other ideas. Since falling for Sloane, he’s managed to turn her life upside down. Now, he’s determined to give her a stable, happy and, most importantly, safe life. If that means he has to sleep with one eye open and one hand on a shotgun, then that’s what he’ll do. 

Mason Reeves is just looking for a way to take care of his sick sister. Since their mother left, things have been hard, and they’re only getting harder. Prescription meds don’t come cheap, and working as an auto mechanic only pays so well. If he wants to give Millie the life she deserves, he’s going to have to earn it with his fists. And who better to teach him how to fight than the guy who took down the biggest gangster in Seattle? 

You can try to get out… 

You can try to be good… 

You can steer clear of trouble… 
But it’s only a matter of time before trouble comes looking for you. 

4.5 Just. Too. Good. Stars

Simply devoured this!! When Ms. Hart promised more Zeth and Sloane with the sister series Chaos and Ruin, I had no clue how generous she'd be!! I thought the story'd be about someone else with Zee in the periphery -nuh huh -- this was full on Zeth's POV!! And Sloane's and also a new character, Mason Reeves.

The story takes place three months after the end of Blood and Roses. Sloane is in full swing at the hospital. While still under the critical eye of the Chief of Staff, she's making a name and climbing the ranks as a stellar trauma doctor. Zeth is content to run his gym and take care of Sloane...while it all sounds rather domestic, Zeth is still the dirty, deviant man I love...

“There isn’t a man alive on this planet that can come close to being anywhere near as sexy, thrilling, scary, alluring, or terrifying as him, all in one go.”

And Zeth and Sloane are still are as beautiful, searing and combustible as ever!!

“He’s a thing of chaos, a thing of destruction. Chaos and ruin were the only things he knew for so long.”

And damn, the wake up calls that man gives Sloane...I wish I was Sloane!

Okay, focus, back to the, Mason breaks into Zeth's gym and comes head to head with Zeth and Michael. From here, we learn of Mason's life, his sole responsibility for his little sister Millie and his desire to make some serious coin as a fighter so he can give his sister a better life. Zeth sees something in Mason and decides to teach Mason how to fight.

This book has planted the seeds for trouble to grow with the New York Mafia reaching out to Zeth; the skank DEA Lowell showing up and Mason's entrance into illegal fighting. This first book promises more hot steamy sex, friendship, danger and darkness...I can't wait!!!

Violent Things is Book 1 in this, the sister series to Blood & Roses

You can read this book if you haven't already read the Blood & Roses series! Upon delivery of the book, you will find an in-depth synopsis of the previous series, should you wish to jump straight into Violent Things but are yet to meet Zeth Mayfair & Sloane Romera. 

Of course, Violent Things will be more enjoyable if you start their journey from the very beginning. If you choose to do so, the entire Blood & Roses Series is only $2.99 & Suzanne loved it!

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