Sunday, June 14, 2015

REVIEW: Fire & Dark (The Night Horde SoCal #3) by Susan Fanetti

Connor Elliott is Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde SoCal. He was brought up in the MC life and has never wanted anything else. But he’s found out the hard way that love and the outlaw life don’t always mix. Now he avoids romantic entanglements.

Pilar Cordero is a firefighter in San Bernardino County. Her demanding career has taken its toll, so she, too, has decided to live her life without romance. She focuses on her friends and her family and takes physical fulfillment when and where she wants it.

When Connor and Pilar meet, best-laid plans quickly go awry.

In the midst of their struggle to understand the power of their connection and reconcile what they thought they wanted with what they know they need, Pilar’s family and Connor’s club collide. The result is explosive, and the aftermath leaves no one unscarred.

Can they come through the fire and dark together?

Note: Explicit Sex and Violence

5 Anam Cara Stars

Another fantastic read! This is Connor Elliot's story, son of Hooj, the President of the Night Horde SoCal MC and also Sergeant-at-Arms. You've got two people that on the surface should have nothing in common and whose worlds should never mesh.

Connor Elliot - an enforcer, a killer, a drug runner, an outlaw.
Pilar Cordero – a firefighter and every bit the hero.

“You be my hero, and I’ll be yours.”

Both feel the chemistry, their connection as they do the dance to see if maybe, just maybe they can fit into each other’s worlds. If they can accept each other for who they are and for what they do.

Pilar and Connor are like an erupting volcano…

they're intense, passionate...

...both physically strong and stubborn.
They almost came close to Isaac and Lilli (my ultimate Fanetti couple) in how they were so equally matched with a fierceness for each other that was so visceral.

”She has given herself to this man, her real self. Pilar, not Cordero. Or both of them, really, all of her – the strong and the weak, the fierce and the vulnerable. She needed him to keep safe what she had never given to anyone else.”

I know I say this every time but Susan Fanetti creates the most amazing female characters. The Fanetti women are dynamite, each and every one of them – “None of them had anything in common. And all of them had everything in common.”

This was a beautiful, moving and intense story! I just can't get enough of the Night Horde.

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