Tuesday, May 19, 2015

REVIEW: Insatiable (Insatiable #1) by JD Hawkins

It’s not cocky when you've got the goods to back it up.

Lust-maker. Pleasure giver. Fantasy creator. I can blow your mind in five seconds flat — but trust me, you’ll want this to last all night.

There’s not a woman in the city who can resist me. Except one.

Now she’s got a proposition: Seven days. Every position. No strings attached.

She wants to know what she’s been missing.

Who am I to say no?


5 Sexy Ass Stars*****

I really enjoyed this, I am really loving these thirst quenching sexy erotic small reads and this one is certainly a favourite this year wow for a new author he sure as hell hooked me from line one.

Bad Boy meets good girl.

Lust-maker. Pleasure giver. Fantasy creator. I can blow your mind in five seconds flat — but trust me, you’ll want this to last all night.

Jax works hard and plays hard, he is an architect by day and by night or any other time he gets chance he plays with women, he knows how to touch and to charm and he has a sex appeal that any women in reach will try and be with him likewise he just wants a one time, he doesn't go back for seconds he plays that woman then moves on.

Lizzie has been in a long term relationship with her school boyfriend for the past 8 years and although she has been settled she is bored and therefore after another BORING night of him checking his phone all night she breaks up with him and decides to move forward. Then she bumps into sexy as F*@k Jax, they can't keep their eyes off each other so that concludes to a one night of Passion. Lizzie is happy with the just sex right now after her boring past and she's ready to enjoy herself and boy did she enjoy her self with Jax.

Now she's had him she comes up with a proposition. One week to teach her what's she's been missing to teach her how to Fuck so when she meets the right guy she will know how to please him and ultimately Keep Him.

“You’ve got to be able to turn yourself on. If you want to fuck somebody else really well, then you’ve got to know how to fuck yourself.”

This short story was Just PERFECT in my opinion I loved Jax's inner Dialogue was just so normal he spoke to me and my heart and although he was Sex on a stick and appealing in the bedroom which I enjoyed immensely he was also so caring and did everything right for Lizzie, he talked to her their banter kept me laughing and loving their moments of fun and at the same time taught her how to be happy. Jax put Lizzie first and for that reason I loved everything about Jax and in my BBF world he is the type of guy that I love to read in these kind of erotic delicious stories.

 photo D2FE1CBF-41BC-48E0-8076-BE399A257EED_zpsojukmupn.jpg

Lizzie was a kickass heroine to me she held her own and although she has that vulnerability to her she just strode ahead and let Jax teach her the best parts about sex and how to be the best lover she could.

My Final Thoughts
This is the perfect story for a new author I'm astounded by the writing skills, the connection between these two, it's written in duel POV seeing into each side getting the full picture. If your wanting a sexy read to dive into this is your next on to try.

This is Novella one of two and they're now both LIVE so no excuses

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