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REVIEW & BOOK BLITZ: Insatiable (Insatiable #2) by JD Hawkins **GIVEAWAY**

Title: Insatiable: Book Two
Series: Insatiable #2
Author: J.D. Hawkins

 Release Date: May 20, 2015

It was supposed to be simple: I teach her a crash course in pleasure. No commitment. No strings.
Now she’s found the perfect guy — and it’s not me.

I should move on, but I need her. And I never back down from a fight.

Now I’ve got one last lesson for her: 
I’m going to make her mine


4 Stars****

I am In Love with this series, this new author maybe new but he sure as hell captivated me from page one yet again in this second book and this instalment apart from a couple a little things that annoyed me was all I needed to see happen and he delivered an engrossing and more in-depth read for the characters and to see who they were. I saw who the real Jax was and saw into his vulnerable side that really spoke to my heart and as a whole this author writing is easy, enjoyable and funny and #Swoon to Jax, can you tell I love Jax?!!!

What's it about
We set off a week after we're left on book one where Lizzie has got herself a new boyfriend she believes she's ready to settle down with casual steady James. She's still wanting guidance from Jax on her new relationship and that's where things get slightly hurtful for Jax, (Don't worry we don't have any love triangles or anything) I'd just call it a development in Lizzies relationship a learning curve where she doesn't quite understand who she truly is and where she's going, she wants a future with a man whomever that is, at this point she thinks she wants someone who is warm easy going and someone who is miles away in the structure of lifestyle that Jax is ie a permanent non sexual man that pushes her to open her legs at any moment, except we can't help who we fall for can we?.

Jax is lets say a bit star struck by the fact he wants Lizzie for Real a future with Lizzie and not a one F*@k kind of relationship that he's so use to, this makes him step back and think about his future. What I love about Jax so much in this book is how his vulnerability shined through and how he Always put Lizzie first he just wanted her happy even if that hurt himself I'm so in love with this guy. He may still be his dirty self on the exterior but he's so much more I loved how caring, loving, loyal and how he let Lizzie take her time to get her head round who Jax really was and not the one night kind of guy she saw him as any longer.

What annoyed me
Lizzie to me although I really like her a character and how she fights her corner, she was easily deterred to be someone she's not quickly, how she put Herself first I have to say that wound me up slightly. Saying that you can understand how difficult it is to trust someone based on the week she had with Jax previously. I just wanted her to snap out of it a little quicker that it was, truly see what Jax was offering her and see who he was, see how he come far and was offering himself to her to be her everything.

Saying all that this is a great start to new author that I will jump into with both feet whenever he writes again, I'll be keeping my eye out for when that happens I suppose my only qualm is that I would of loved an epilogue to see more of them together, Maybe something to look into J.D Hawkins **wink wink**. Overall this is a fantastic duo for a new author and I highly recommend this one for all erotic and romance lovers.

That. Is. All

An Advanced Reading Copy was given to me via Give Me Books in exchange for an honest review

I'm a new erotic author from LA. I grew up in Southern California and now live with my wife in Venice. I've also lived in NYC, India and Thailand. I love to travel and have been to Central America, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. I have a boring corporate day job where I cover people's asses for a living and am hoping to leave this world soon and make a living doing the thing I love - writing. I enjoy surfing and I'm also a martial artist, my other main passion, which I have practiced since the age of 5.

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