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GUEST REVIEW: Filthy Marcellos: Dante (Filthy Marcellos #3) by Bethany-Kris

Dante Marcello’s life has been a carefully planned event as an heir to a Cosa Nostra throne. For as long as he can remember, he’s had one goal in mind, and that’s becoming the Don. With his father ready to step down, it’s Dante’s turn to step up. But without a wife at his side, his seat as the boss is on shaky ground. Until she shows up with an offer he wants to refuse, but can’t.

With her, he’s got everything to gain.

Catrina Danzi is known for her angel face and a predator’s grace. For over a decade, she’s worked as a successful Queen Pin dealing with a repertoire of clientele who can’t afford a scandal. That’s why they ask for her and why they call her Queen. Marrying Dante Marcello means giving up the business and status she loves in order to gain protection she can’t provide on her own, but she no longer has a choice.

Without him, she’s got everything to lose. 

The rules for their arrangement are simple: no intimacy, no emotions. Dante isn’t looking for love and Catrina doesn’t need attachments. In the end, life has a way of breaking down walls when you least expect it to, and once love gets in, there’s no bleeding it out. Together, they make a formidable team the Commission won’t be able to ignore. Catrina’s secret of what she’s kept safe will put the entire Marcello family in danger when it finally catches up with her. The Marcellos have yet to be beaten, and they’re not about to start bowing down now.

Even the most beautiful things are a little filthy.

The final book in the Filthy Marcellos Trilogy
To Be Released June 2nd, 2015
Can be read as a standalone.

5 BELLO Stars

Well, I must say that I think Ms. Kris saved the best for last. Dante Marcello, the heir apparent/up and coming Don of the Marcello Cosa Nostra – his story was fantastic!

Both Lucian and Gio’s love lives were easy -not saying there weren’t issues – but rather they fell in love easily. Whereas Dante is not interested in love, “Love complicates shit”, he has nothing to offer a woman. He's already found his true love, La Cosa Nostra. But only one problem, to realize his rightful place as the Boss of the Marcellos, he needs to be married by age 30 to a fully Italian woman. Dante is 29 with no prospects in sight.

That’s where the arrangement comes into play. Catrina Danzi has a proposition for Dante that has them both getting what they want with no love or emotions in the way.

Catrina Danzi - “She was cartel born in a Cosa Nostra ruled world who taught herself how to be the Queen.”

“People like us, we’re not supposed to feel. We don’t get attached. It ruins us. Together, we’ll be the perfect pair.”

Of course, easier said than done. Without giving anything away, these two and the way their relationship develops and evolves was amazing, realistic and so riveting. Of course, there was a lot of this...

...and this...

And of course, this!

I freakin’ loved Dante! Just as I thought, he was the hottest and most complex of the Marcello brothers.

And Cat is amazing! Cat is sinfully beautiful and also a force to be reckoned with.

Like Dante, she rules her own world, she is the Queen Pin. She doesn’t like most women as she has no use for their silly games and men are merely her pawns. Until Dante Marcello. The only man to get her and challenge her.

“You might have been a queen before, but I gave you the keys to the kingdom today.”

 photo image.jpg2_zpsukqn3ptj.jpg

“I might not need a man but I want one. You, specifically.”

This final book was very well written and the story was filled with tension, lies, secrets, steamy sex and of course...

And it wouldn’t be a memorable Mafioso story without…

While this is the third book in the series and I would suggest reading them all, if were to only pick one to read from the series, I’d highly recommend this one!

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