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REVIEWS & BOOK BLITZ: Unblocked - Episode One (Timber Towers #1) by Marni Mann **GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT**

Derek Block seeks revenge. Frankie Jordan seeks professional dominance. He wants her, she wants him. Lines that can't cross begin to blur. Things start heating up as real estate gets real…

This is the first episode of a five-episode novella series.

“Why don’t you come in?”

I was startled again by the sound of him, of his deep, alluring tone. I didn’t realize I was still hovering in the doorway. Closing most of the gap between us, I moved to one of the chairs. I hooked my bag onto the back of it, his fingers slicing through the air as they reached for mine.

“Call me Derek.” He enclosed my hand with a pressing strength that I assumed was lightened for my benefit.

Though his stare remained on my face, I wasn’t able to keep mine on his. I needed a break, a second to get myself under control. 


I had obviously lost that, though I didn’t understand why. Polished men were all I knew, all I had ever been attracted to: groomed and well-dressed, pretty and sharp, even cocky and somewhat selfish. They were certainly never burly or animalistic like Derek. So why was he having this kind of physical effect on me?

This is definitely a cherry popping week for me with reading and enjoying new authors, and this is another favourable one. I am most definitely looking forward to how this series will take fold.

Unblocked is Episode 1 of 5 instalments in a new serial series and damn did it start with me wanting more??

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Derek Block is an architectural designer for the brock tower, he has worked his way up and is well known for his craftsmanship and is seeking a real estate that will be the best of the best and give him what he wants concerning his building, except he also seeks absolute loyalty and perfection to the job in hand but also to HIM. He is Dominant in his mannerisms' and ways and wants nothing but 110%.

Frankie Jordan is the best real estate in town, she is know for her strength and determination to gain the name she deserves, but she is also currently under the wing of her father so when the opportunity comes up to get to work alongside Derek she goes ahead and arrives for the interview to see and get the name she wants, to be her own.

Except do lines blur that they both can't resist? And will they take the chance that could ruin both their futures? Or are they strong enough to resist?
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I would say this first instalment is an very sexy start to this series Marni-Mann's writing is somewhat exotic, titillating and exquisite it kept me fantasying about what is to come with their chemistry and dreams that Frankie had of a man she shouldn't really want to be involved with. But as time went on and the more I read I'm starting to see how this series has a lot more to come, how we meet more characters and see that there are many secrets and a tangled web to uncover. It made me feel at times like the characters were all part of a game and watching for their prey in a matter of speak!!!

Frankie has a lot on her plate and has to be careful with her fathers name and her own and all I feel like this is a risky business she's diving into yet I also feel like she is deserving of someone who wants her for her. She is sexy and puts her head high and has that professionalism theme going on but I also think there's a wall surrounding her heart and we are yet to uncover he reasons why she can seem closed off at times.

This is a short sexy read I loved the way it made me want more yet be happy with how its going the only set back I suppose is I want to understand Derek a little more, Marni-Mann to me didn't make Derek the most sexyiest Alpha hero out there and because he had a beard and the edgier feel about him I felt he wasn't looked as sexy but more not worthy of Frankie because she is exquisite and beautiful, Derek is most definitely a different kind of man for her but I do think that is what she needs yes?. Still I'm looking forward to them both blurring those lines in the next instalment.

So Until next time!!!

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This was my first Marni Mann book and I gotta say, where have I been? The writing is crisp, flawless and engaging. Her characters are rich and complex and the plot: engaging, sizzling and left me wanting more. Love it when the first time is amazing...

Derek Block is my kind of man. He radiates power, dominance yet he's animalistic, unpolished and brutish. He's a famous eco-friendly architect looking for an agent to sell the units of his latest development in Boston, Timber Towers. He’s rough, raw and intense.

And the way his mind thinks and his dirty mouth...

“I needed to own every fucking inch of her skin, to work her body until she begged for mercy, until she couldn’t take another orgasm from my tongue, or my fingers, or my cock.”

Mr. Block, I’m yours...

Frankie Jordan is the perfectly in control good girl yet, she's seriously sexually frustrated. She’s the hottest agent in Boston’s and the heir apparent to her father’s business. She's recovering from a relationship that's long since been done but where her heart was crushed and her confidence bruised. I really liked Frankie and her attitude.

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Together, Frankie and Derek are electric. Their chemistry is like this live, buzzing undercurrent that runs through every word, every glance, and every touch. I was fully turned on in the most delicious way.

It’s insta-lust but not in the roll-your-eyes unbelievable sense. Have you ever met someone and even before the first word, you feel this inexplicable tether pulling towards them? And the more you interact with them, the more you think about them, desire them, are consumed by them? This is Derek and Frankie.

He was my fantasy, my reality.”

This novella was so rich with action, personality and story that it felt like a novel yet, I quickly devoured it and was so disappointed when it ended. This novella series will contain 5 total novellas each releasing 6 weeks apart.

If you like a fast-paced, steamy read with intrigue, a sexy, hot Alpha and a strong, confident heroine, then you must read this series.

Unblocked - Episode Two (Timber Towers #2)
One taste was all it took.
Derek Block demands more.
Frankie Jordan wants to run.
Pleasure complicates business.
But some passion is just too hard to resist.
Things are getting hotter as real estate gets real….

This is Episode Two of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series.

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