Friday, March 27, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: No Turning Back (Kathleen Turner #1) by Tiffany Snow

Being a bartender by night and law firm runner by day helps make ends meet for Kathleen Turner. Mostly. Being 23 and single in Indianapolis wasn’t exactly a thrilling adventure, but then again, that’s not what Kathleen wanted. At least, not until she met Blane Kirk.

Navy SEAL turned high-profile attorney, Blane is everything a woman could want. The only problem? He’s her boss.

Blane is known for playing the field and the last thing Kathleen needs or wants is to get involved with him. But when her friend is murdered and it seems Kathleen will be next, she may not have a choice.

Now Blane is the only thing standing between her and people who want her dead, including assassin-for-hire Kade Dennon. Beautiful but deadly, he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way, even the woman who makes him question everything he’s become.

The deeper she sinks into the web of lies and murder, the more Kathleen realizes she can trust no one if she’s going to survive. No one is innocent. Not even Blane.


I've had this on my Kindle forever and have no clue why I didn't get to it sooner. It's got everything I love in a book: two sexy ALPHA men, one naive yet brave heroine, mystery, suspense, adventure and of course, chemistry and sexual tension among the three of them. I'm not a fan of love triangles and it's too early to say if that's how this will pan out but needless to say, loved it.

Kathleen Turner is a 23 year old law firm runner with a side job as a bartender to make ends meet. Her life gets flipped on its ear when her neighbour and one of her only friends is murdered, and she finds the body. Enter Blane Kirk, a partner at her firm and someone she's had several bad run-ins with. Blane is called in as her lawyer when she's questioned by the police.

"Blane was like the proverbial flame - irresistible even though I knew I'd get burned."

But there's a lot more going on than appears and it becomes apparent that Blane is more involved than you'd think. Then there is Kade Dennon, ex-FBI now gun-for-hire who Kathleen meets in a moment of distress. Kade too seems to pop up at the most opportune times and knows a lot more than he lets on.

“They had a lot of rules that got in the way," Kade said dismissively.
"Those are called laws, Kade," Bland said stiffly.
"Whatever they are," Kade continued unperturbed, "I decided I would enjoy myself more as a ...... freelancer."
"Vigilante, you mean," Blane clarified.
"You say tomato......" Kade sighed in mock frustration."

Kathleen is sweet and there were times when I had to suspend belief because this girl was a danger/trouble magnet...

"I knew what it felt like to be hunted."

But Kathleen is a contradiction because despite her innocence and youth, this girl can defend herself...

and the surprising moments of Commando Kathleen added to the fun. This was an entertaining read and had it's LOL moments - "It's like Hooker Barbie masquerading as Nancy Drew."

With two hot men, readers will likely choose sides, come on how could we not? I'm all for the bad boy so Kade all the way.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this series as something tells me, trouble is leering around the corner and it has Kathleen's name on it!

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