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GUEST REVIEW: Denying Mr Parks (The Parks Series #1) by Lilly James

When Park’s strong, perfect life met my damaged and imperfect life, it tormented and tortured me in ways I wasn’t prepared for … neither was he. 

Evey Banks, that’s me. Practically damaged in every way. I was unbearable and uncontrollable, but I was rebuilding an impaired life of mine and doing a good job of it too, until Wade Parks came along and unintentionally sabotaged every aspect of my healing process. 

Wade Parks: Perfect, precise and an arrogant arse. He came to London, bombarded my life and tried to make me his very own. How? With force, with words, and a lot of relentless sexual persuasion. He was a man obsessed with control and discipline, and the very need to dominate. What he also wanted to dominate… was me. 

The sexual chemistry we shared was undeniably hot, and the passion that radiated between us was flawless. But I hated myself for being attracted to him. I would also deny that I ever was. Yes, he was devilishly handsome beyond compare, with a body that could put a Greek God to shame, but denying him came easy to me because he was everything I didn’t need. 

Then why was I so afraid of him finding out about my past when I never wanted him in my future?

My past haunted every chance of happiness. That was inevitable. I was my own worst enemy… or so I thought.

3-3.5 “impossible sum” Stars

This is Lilly James’ debut novel about an average, young woman and a dominant millionaire. I know, colour me grey, it’s been done many times over. But that’s where the cliché ends. This story was nothing like I expected; it was endearing, bittersweet and refreshing.

Evelyn (Evey) Banks is a 25 year old associate secretary in a law firm and to say she was brash, foul mouthed and abrasive would be an understatement. Harsh words, sarcasm and indifference were her weapons of choice to keep people at arm’s length and herself numb from feeling.

“Exposed and vulnerable is not something I am.
I’m cold and withdrawn and that’s the way I like it.”

Evey's childhood was bleak and hard with drug-addicts for parents. She cowers from affection, she doesn't do relationships only sex as the act without intimacy and she's a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Evey's now in survival mode. With nine months of sobriety under her belt, she's living with her best friend, Steph, and has a job she likes.

“I am just an average woman in the middle of a billion others. There is nothing extraordinary about me.”

Wade Parks is an American millionaire (story takes place in London) who owns the law firm Evey works at among others. Of course, he's gorgeous, domineering and sex-on-a-stick. The minute Parks sees Evey, he must have her and he has no qualms about telling her.

I didn't like Parks at first. I'm the first one to swoon over a dominant Alpha but I found his first moves on Evey to be closer to a self-harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. And his words and actions just cheapened Evey rather than built her up. Alas, despite Evey’s bold, angry and abrasive NOs to all of Parks' advances, she wants him, or more accurately, her body wants Parks.

“Your mind is denying me Evelyn. You keep denying me, but your body is accepting every part of me.”

Here ensues a cat and mouse game between Evey and Parks as he tears apart every barrier she puts in his way and unbeknownst to him, he also tears apart her carefully crafted and not so stable foundation.

“I can read your body perfectly, your mind…nothing.”

Evey is not your average woman. She is broken and unhinged and has struggled for the past year to be in a place where things are okay.

As Parks unravels Evey's mind and body, she begins to spiral down into her old habits to escape all the feelings...

Parks is a mystery. He grew on me as it became apparent that even though he doesn't understand it himself, he cares for Evey. One thing about Wade that I can't help but think will unearth more about him is his need for control.

The chemistry and encounters between Evey and Parks are panty-dropping. It's not hard to understand why Evey can't resist him...

While I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend this book, why 3-3.5 stars? This would have easily been a 4 stars read if this book had been edited. While I was able to work around it as the characters and story kept me engaged, it could be a deterrent for others.

This was a truly original, emotional and touching story. This book ends on a serious cliffy...
and I want the second book.

ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I wish dark pasts guaranteed bright futures. But my past seems to lurk in the shadows. My chance of a happy future cursed by the demons that refuse to set me free. 

When Wade Parks bulldozed his way into my life the impact he made was substantial. I fell under the intensity of his spell and found something I couldn’t deny. Yes his looks were flawless, his bedroom skills perfection. And yes he was so relentless I wanted to strangle him on numerous occasions. But he wanted me. He fought for me. He started breaking down my walls with patience, persuasion and undeniable passion. Parks made me feel like I belonged in the safety of his arms after a lifetime of feeling lost.

However, he couldn’t deal with my past revelations. His actions proving as much. They also proved that this extremely controlled and highly disciplined man was hiding a tortured soul. 

Can two broken souls ever make one perfect whole? I didn’t think so.

Pushing people away seems to be my speciality and now I’m completely alone with only myself to blame. Was I ever going to get off the ride from hell? 

My mind is telling me to forget him. My cold heart telling me it isn’t that easy. 

Which one do I side with?
Release Date: April 4th 2015

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