Friday, March 27, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: Blane's Turn (Kathleen Turner #1.5) by Tiffany Snow

Blane Kirk is a Navy SEAL-turned-attorney with old money and an even older pedigree. High powered and aggressive, he plays the field, changing women as often as he changes his ties—but he’s had no complaints so far. He has only two rules: don’t date employees, and don’t get emotionally involved. These are rules he can easily live by…until his runner, an employee in his law firm named Kathleen Turner, does an unexpected face-plant into his lap.

Kathleen’s too young and innocent for Blane, and much too vulnerable. After her friend is murdered, Blane knows she could be next—and he knows that keeping her alive means keeping her close to him. Kathleen’s like no woman he’s ever met, and protecting her could be the one thing to change his life forever. He may be able to keep her safe from the killer…but can he keep her safe from himself?

Blane’s Turn is a companion novel to No Turning Back, Book One in The Kathleen Turner Series.

4 Brotherly Love Stars

This novella was mainly told in Blane's POV with alternating chapters on the events of No Turning Back and Blane and Kade getting to know each other 17 years earlier. While I enjoyed getting a peek into Blane's thoughts and motives from the first book, I'm not a huge fan of rehashing the same shit with a differing POV. But what I LOVED were the chapters of Blane and Kade. Ms. Snow also gave us a few snippets of Kade's POV during these moments as the brothers get to know each other, trust each other and ultimately love each other.

"You're my brother. We stick together. No matter what."

It was heartwarming and heartbreaking to see these two, one a 10 year old and the other just an adult at 18, forge a relationship mired in guilt, regrets, distrust, pain and anger. The bond Blane and Kade have is truly special and it has me all that more intrigued as to how this series will unfold because I don't want anything to sever that bond, not even Kathleen.

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