Sunday, February 15, 2015

REVIEW and RECOMMENDATION: Locke (Corps Security #5) by Harper Sloan

Darkness is the only thing I see. Ever since the day my life changed. The day that everything and everyone I held close to me ceased to exist. The day I lost it all and the demons of my past consumed my every waking moment.

I tried to keep others at arm’s length. Tried not to let my darkness taint them. Ruin them. Harm them. And whether I want to admit it or not, as much as I wish I could keep them locked out, they refuse to leave. Refuse to let me suffer alone.

If I hadn’t been so focused on keeping those demons from flying free, I wouldn’t have missed how one perfect angel was able to sneak her way under my skin—refusing to let go. Making me want things I don’t deserve.

She consumes me. Her beauty knows no end. The love she promises tempts me every time she’s near. But that pure heart that makes her MY Emmy is the one thing I’m convinced I’ll destroy if I ever let her close.

I’m a broken man. A broken man with too much darkness in his soul to ever let her light shine upon me. But even that doesn’t stop me from craving her with every single breath in my body.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I've been catching up recently so you know after I read Unexpected Fate and fell for Cohen and Dani's story I decided to come back and finish this series I suppose I was a little bummed after I read Beck it wasn't my fav so I delayed moving forward when the others came out, saying that I decided to come back and finish this off.....

This one is very much a heart-breaking story and not when it comes down to the relationship but where you really do feel for them with their life stories and background, yes it was at times a bit OTT but I devoured this one, actually I stayed up till 4am reading this it gripped my every being, I said to myself just one more chapter and that led to another and that's how it went.

Overall I loved seeing Maddox and Emmy get their well deserved special person. Their were moments of slow rehab in them as a couple and as them as people I loved how Harper slowly made us see how Maddox and Emmy needed to heal. Also as a series I loved the family aspect of the plot and seeing them all come as a unit was the icing on the cake~

Overall 5 healing Stars!!!

I have loved all these books there were up and down moments but overall I would recommended this series to anyone who love Alpha Males, kick ass heroines and likes to read about family and unity. Oh and lots of Sex yep there's plenty of steam in Harpers books. 

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