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REVIEW: Reverence (Irresistible #3) by Senayda Pierre

Diego Lobos is every mother’s dream. He’s handsome, smart, athletic, and well-mannered. Diego attended an Ivy League college and managed to keep a near perfect GPA. Mothers want Diego Lobos as their future son-in-law. Girls swoon at the mere mention of his name. Guys want Diego to be on their team. They want Diego by their side at the club. 

Everyone wants to be friends with Diego Lobos.
He’s the guy everyone loves… And rightly so. But is he right for me? Can Diego fill the voids within me? Those vacant spaces that have been dark and empty for so long that I’d forgotten they existed until he stepped into my life… Diego is charismatic, charming, and genuine. He’s a sexy motherfucker without being the arrogant asshole. What more can a girl ask for? In my dark world I need more. I have a need most guys can’t fill. I demand certain expectations that have guys cupping their balls and running in the other direction.

Can Diego be a submissive? Sometimes I think so and other times he just confuses the shit out of me. This particular detail matters though. I can’t ever go back to that time. I can’t ever be under another man’s thumb. I refuse to bend. I refuse to part with the little bit that’s left of me. 

Yes, I’m broken. But damn the world to hell if even this fractured part of me is more magnificent than half the bitches out there.

Love me or hate me. I don’t give a flying fuck. But everybody loves Diego… So why would he work so hard to be with someone like me?

5 "I'm a Fucking Warrior, Bitches" Stars
"Most people's monsters aren't real. But mine are real and one drives a red BMW Roadster."
Reverence is the third full length novel in Ms. Pierre's steamy Irresistible series. All the players you loved so much are back but this time the focus is on Desirae Philippe and Diego Lobos.

Desirae Philippe is an audacious, tough, and dominant young woman. Desirae's lived and survived unthinkable horrors at the hands of the two people she should have been able to trust most in her life: her parents. Now, free from their hold on her, while attending college, she can finally begin to figure out who she is. Desirae has never known unconditional love but Carina's family have shown her what it can be. Diego Lobos, Carina's brother, has caught Desirae's attention but is Diego what Desirae needs? Hedonism, the sex club, has become Desirae's refuge and the dungeons are her own personal playground where she reins as Mistress D.
"It's the place of nightmares and wet dreams. This is the room that gets my blood pumping and my juices flowing. My fingers itch to play. While some consider this a true dungeon I consider it my playroom. It contains three beds all with rubber sheets, various accessories, and attachments. There are no satin sheets and feather touches here. Blood is meant to be spilled within these walls."
Diego Lobos is the guy all mothers want to see their daughters bring home. He is gorgeous with an athletic build, compassionate, loyal, and well-mannered. He has his sights set on Carina's, his sister, best friend, Desirae or as he likes to call her Tesoro; Desirae is a "treasure" that Diego plans to shower with unconditional love. Now peeps stop swooning over this hunk.......

Diego has his work cut out for him on his quest to prove to Desirae that a happily ever after is in the cards for them. Of course with any love story, the hero will have to fight demons and dragons before he gets to kiss the girl. As Diego gets closer to Desirae, he finds what he believes will set Desirae's heart free to love him back.

Will Diego be able to get Desirae to put down her guard around him in order to finally feel what it's liked to feel treasured and loved? Will Desirae's past monsters come back and ruin the happiness she's found with her friends?

I had the pleasure of reading this novel as it was being crafted by Ms. Pierre and the finished product tells such a beautiful story of a young women's journey from victim to warrior. Ms. Pierre knows how to write a complex story and craft some seriously sizzling sex scenes that really got my panties wet. This entire series should be given a D.R.I.P. warning!!

I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series which is going to focus on the dashing and dominant Nicholas and his submissive, Andrea!!

**Gifted copy received by author in exchange for a honest review. Thank you Senayda for allowing me to tag along with you on this journey. xoxo**

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