Wednesday, November 19, 2014

REVIEW: Up-Ending Tad: Vol 1 & 2 by Kora Knight

Tad’s weekend started out like any other; hitting a college frat party with a handful of buddies. But just as the evening hits its peak, things get up-ended fast.
Ditched by his drunken, trolling friends, Tad winds up getting hustled by three jocks playing poker. Now he’s forced to pay his dues in the most outlandish of ways; accepting a couple broken bones or spending an hour with his victors’ favorite flogger, Scott. But the guy’s tantalizing torture quickly proves to be the least of Tad’s worries… and the kickoff to a night of raw, shocking lust. 

Experience the graphic, minute-by-minute account of that hour spent at the hands of Tad’s insatiable tormentor. Addicting chemistry lights the stage as Scott ignites Tad’s reluctant desires into a frenzy of forbidden need.


Ok this review is going to be short and sweet just like these reads....

Tad is hustled from a frat party to spend the evening with sexy and too irresistible to resist Scott. Tad hasn't really ever enjoyed sex there's been something missing you know the special OOOOO and can I come????? yes yes please. Tad I would say is young and although has a good body is lacking the experience and needs to firm up those muscles, Scott is going to teach him a few tricks Scott practices if mildly some BDSM in flogging etc but don't let that deter you from this HOT read cause its mild in my opinion. Buttt Scott is going to teach Tad punishment in the most delicious way asking for more or BEGGING more like.

The plot is mild and this is just the beginning I'm hoping for more what I will say is before Tad got introduced to Scott he was heterosexual therefore it really is about Tads battle with himself and how can he let a MAN touch him and make him feel the way he does? There's definitely more to come on these two. All in all this is one panty melting read for when your hubby/BF/vibrator is near by.....

(Only 99¢ 11/19 - 11/22)

The last time Tad saw Scott, the ripped physical trainer left him with quite a lot to think about. And that's pretty much all Tad's been doing for nearly two weeks straight.

At his wit's end, he seeks Scott out, voluntarily, on his own terms. 

Will the completely different setting offer what he's seeking; proof that their exchange's unexpected turn was just a random mishap? Hormones run amok and truly nothing more? Or will being in Scott's presence suggest something different... their newest encounter tempting Tad's resolve while testing his ultimate limits.

Tad continued on with his life walking away from Scott and all that went on that night with him, but he can't seem to get Scott out of his thoughts. What does that mean? Not only sexually but about who he is. He keeps picking his phone up & putting it down till eventually when his friend asks him to go out with a group of friends (including girls) and Tad just can't stomach being with them. This just pushes him to call Scott for a workout (actual EXERCISE!) and that's how it starts.

Obviously something leads to more and that progresses on...

This is another HOT read & I will say this has more of a hearty feel. Tads inner feelings show and also I personally felt Scott's emotions, how he wants Tad TO BE HIS.

Tad could feel a grin trying to emerge, even as he struggled to accept Scott's advance. He felt so invaded, so unhinged, so owned. A possession Scott somehow had managed to claim.

This is a very seductive read but I totally could feel both their emotions and what they should do? Should they continue? I'm not sure how many instalments this has in total but I really hope we see a little more character development and an HFN if not an HEA as the feeling I'm getting right now is this is more an Tads lifestyle change and who he is. I just really hope Scott is involved in that as I truly feel they both need each other.

Kora's writing is detailed and in aspects to her talent as an author she knows how to write SEX and M/M. For short reads I'd definitely recommend this one just don't expect lots of plot I really would say though this is a series more about self discovery and lifestyle, the author has said she's seeing 5 or more Novellas so another 3 yet at a minimal. Lots more to come for these two delicious hotties.

(Only 99¢ 11/19 - 11/22)

**Coming Soon Vol 3**

Expected Release Date: 11/21/14
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