Monday, November 3, 2014

REVIEW: Past Tense Future Perfect by Andrea Smith

Past Tense Future Perfect is a 3-book boxed set, previously published under the Baby Series titles (Maybe Baby, Baby Love & Be My Baby).

This boxed set is available in e-book only, and replaces the Baby Series.

Book 1, Love My Way , is the story of Tylar Sinclair, a college student that takes a summer position with Sinclair Stables. Little does she suspect that her life will be irrevocably changed after meeting Trey Sinclair, the youngest son of the wealthy Sinclair family who is handling the family business over the summer. Their paths will cross more than once in a tumultuous chain of events that involve mystery, suspense, and sexual awakening for Tylar.

Book 2, Shadows and Dreams , is the continuation of Trey and Tylar's journey together that is spiked with love, humor, suspense, and full of surprises as the reader gets to know the whole Sinclair family who have their share of secrets as well. Tylar's past has some unexpected twists and turns that will have the reader on the edge of their seat.

Book 3, Eclipse of the Heart , is the final installment in this boxed set and is the poignant conclusion of Trey and Tylar's story. Just when it seems as if their life together is perfect, tragedy strikes, threatening the very foundation of their marriage. Fate can be cruel when it comes to these two; and their strength and love for one another is put to the ultimate test. Be prepared for an emotional, yet riveting conclusion, with a peek into the future of this family!

This story was one big ole journey that will bring you to the edge of your seat with suspense and some serious sensual sexy panty melting moments, it is intriguing and un-put-a-down-able and I loved parts got annoyed with parts but overall I enjoyed it.

Love My Way 
I have to be honest with you in that it did take me a little while to get into it at the beginning. You have to understand that both these characters are pretty immature in this first instalment & they come from completely different backgrounds. One from money one not, one wanting to find a future with someone and one running from it. I can say that the first half was very much about them understanding each other and working out what they both want. I think my issue was that there's a lot of back and forth, they want, they don't want. Saying all this, Once I got on a roll and got past all this I enjoyed the last half incredibly and it rolled pretty quickly. Emotions were high and a lot occurs, there's so many questions to still answer and I found myself questioning everything, the people they know, the people that are there but not exactly secondary characters but behind the scene characters. This has some suspense, secrets, and romance, I enjoyed the family element of the story, it had such a protective loyal loving feeling to it near the end I enjoyed seeing Tylar being part of a family and seeing her stand up for herself eventually.

Tylar- Is strong, independent and loyal to those she cares about.

Trey- Trey is stubborn, he was hurt previously which in turn is a big factor in the back and forth business. Saying that he is domineering, he wants her to be his and cares for Tylar immensely. He has that 'MINE' tendancy in him but then he is also very sensual, loving and caring and just wants her to be ok, above all he just wants to protect Tylar.

4.5 Stars

Shadows & Dreams

WOW This is the middle book and in that for me I really felt like it was the middle man a much slower tranquil read, firstly there's a lot of plot twists and some questions start to get answered I'm really not going to give you any more cause as a reader you need to find out all these events how Andrea wanted you too. What I will talk about and enjoyed about this one was the family element Trey as a dad, Tylar as a mum and how they all bonded and how much work it is however beautiful, lovely and such a rewarding job Andrea really did depict how as us parents and especially as mums live. Feeding our babies, nappies, food, arguments, love and everything in-between this is a very normal and real story.

4 Stars

Eclipse of the Heart
Ok I have to say this hands down was my favourite. I loved everything in it, there is a whole lot of Angst in this one and in all honesty that is one of my favourite reads so it may not be everyone's love, I won't say why its there but there are a few mistakes along the way (maybe some immature) but really by the end of the book I could totally understand Andreas reasons for going down that path for me it was Trey understanding how Tylar needed her man to 'UNDERSTAND' her and be there as a husband to his wife. Tylar has to learn lots of new changes in her life, she has to live with those changes and also went down a small destructive route in the end though it was a fully beautiful ending with a capital T.

All in all this was a great read full of intrigue, plot twists, good character development love, sexy scenes and family.

5 Stars

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Ratings are as follows:                                         Ratings are as follows:

Love My Way ~ 4.25 Stars                                   Love My Way ~ 5 Stars
Shadows & Dreams ~ 4 Stars                              Shadows & Dreams ~ 5 Stars
Eclipse of the Heart ~ 4 Stars                              Eclipse of the Heart ~ TBR


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    1. Thanks so much, loved being part of it!! So happy you liked it xo