Wednesday, November 12, 2014

REVIEW: Diamond Girl (G-Man #1) by Andrea Smith

What happens when a 35 year-old soccer mom from Indianapolis, Indiana sends her only child off to college and suddenly discovers that she has no identify of her own?

That's exactly what happened to Samantha (Sammie) Dennison. Her marriage was loveless from the start; her 'mannequin' husband has his own agenda which has never included her, and she feels lonely, ignored and downright frumpy.

Her best friend tells her to get a life, and that's exactly what Sammie does, starting with a Kickboxing/Pilates class to get into shape, and then continuing her regiment by signing up for pole-dance lessons. Sammie graduates at the top of her class, and ultimately ends up with a secret career as a pole dancer at a Gentleman's Club in Indy called 'Jewels.'

Known only by her dancer name, "Diamond," she is well on her way to finally carving out a secret life and identity all of her own that brings excitement and mystery to her otherwise mundane existence. The thrill of the dance and sexuality she discovers within herself is a potent mixture, but it's all about the dance with Sammie.

That is, until bad-boy biker Slate enters the picture. He is the ultimate 'alpha' male and quickly draws the attention of the dancers - including Sammie. Slate is a 'prospect' for the notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Club, but he is also inexplicably drawn to "Diamond." Sammie is totally out of her league with Slate and the dangerous people he associates with in Indianapolis during the summer of 2012.

No spoilers here, but something BIG is brewing in Indy; and it ain't about race cars either.


This book is about love, trust, and then about taking responsibility for ourselves and ultimately taking control of your life.

A housewife, a mother, a cleaner, a cook, a maid, and no identity, no hobbies or interests. Well that's what Samantha, aka Sammie feels like she has spent the last 19 years being just this a mum and a wife to Jack the Ass. When her daughter leaves to go to college she try's to talk to her mum into taking up something, filling her life with something other than being a wife to Jack and to definitely start to enjoy her life 'start to live' her life.
Sammy's clothes aren't fitting the way they should so she undergoes a exercise regime, she starts to trim up and firm up and definitely loose weight, then the exercise isn't enough and she wants to become something to earn her own money to have something just for her so she gets a job at a Men's club where she dances for Men as a pole dancer.

Jack is away on business 'ALOT' this gives Sammy the opportunity to get into her new role, live her life and get her Independence.

Enter Slate

Slate is a bad boy/ biker part of the local Motorcycle club, they come do 'Jewels' dancing club pretty often and there's something about Slate that Sammy can't seem to stay clear from, Slate is edgy, Hot, and rough.

He turned going back to his group. I watched as he sauntered away, totally mesmerizing by his powerful presence. That was the only way that I could describe it. There was a sense of power he excuded, and it was sexy, damn sexy.

But Slate is also protective he is an Alpha male after all, and doesn't want Sammy to continue to be 'Diamond girl' he thinks she has no place there. They try to stay clear but they don't seem to be able to do that, after several attempts to stay clear they start to embark on an exclusive sexy and dangerous relationship.

"Come here," he gently ordered in a dark voice. "I want to touch your pussy. I want to see if it's worthy of my cock."

But the more they spend time with each other the more they want more and especially for Sammy:'Diamond girl' Slade is giving her the most amazing time of her life, Jack just doesn't deliver that nor does he love her.

But are their lives entwined more than they think? Are they be known to them tangled in more ways than one?

Samantha aka Sammy aka 'Diamond girl'

Ok she has been through a lot in the past 19 years and she is starting to get her life back together, maybe for the first time. Now don't judge her thinking she's 1. a slut and 2. a whore yes this is a story involving cheating but it really didn't bother me reason being I don't like Jack the 'Rat Bastard' he's cold and doesn't feel anything and well he's just cruel, he wants Sammy under his finger at his beck and call I'd probably do the same thing if I was in her situation. So really I'd give her a hug for taking some responsibility for her own happiness and who could resist a HOT Alpha Male?!!

My thoughts
Ok this is a good read, I enjoyed it but there is a few things that annoyed me.
Firstly although this is an enjoyable read and it griped me from the beginning it lacked emotion, and I did 'NOT' feel any chemistry between Sammy and slate. Secondly I felt Slate had a split personality I mean one minute he wanted Sammy to take control of her life, to enjoy herself but be her own person, then when they got together he had rules and Sammy then just said yes without hesitation.

Saying that I was unable to put it down I read and read and continued to read in the wee hours of the night/morning. There is so much in this book that I just can't explain it without giving it away but what I will say, I it kept me hooked and It kept me on the edge of my seat even with the lack of chemistry I personally felt I still loved it.