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REVIEW: Loving Jack by Cat Miller

Loving Jack by Cat Miller

Grace keeps her nose to the grindstone. A place for everything and everything in its place, she's a business major who likes her life neat, categorized. With her eyes firmly set on the prize, her degree and a successful career, Grace seldom cuts loose. 

A rare night out with friends will change her life forever. 

Jack is an art major who colors outside the lines in life and in love. Unwilling to be confined by the world's expectations he finds his happiness where he can, with a man or a woman. 

One night with Grace will have him questioning everything he thought he wanted. 

Can Jack give Grace what he's never been able to give another? Can Grace survive loving a man who may need more than she can provide?

5 Sexy ASS stars

You know when you stumble upon a book that you've never heard of the author before and you just want to have something to read over the weekend after a busy week, that's what happened I picked this up and wow can you believe this is this authors first Romance book as she usually writes paranormal, well done Cat honestly I read this in one day... ONE DAY!!!

Anxiety through the roof and before I go on I just want to advise this may not be everyone's cup of tea as this is a anxious read I was in the mood for it but I'm warning you up front here, it is gut wrenching painful heart-breaking but that's LOVE and to get from A to B some relationships need to go through the pain to get to the happy right?

So what's it about?
Grace needs structure and balance in her life she works damn hard to get what she wants, she's studying business and everything is in the numbers as long as the numbers work then so does her life, she's driven and goal minded and that's the way she roles. Jack is studying Graphic design he's creative in every sense of the world, and he's also a player but he swings both sides he's bi-sexual. Jack and Grace bump into one another at university, they have chemistry and one thing leads to another one night stand occurs this is not what Grace does, she's a one man woman doesn't share never will. Jack doesn't want to settle down he doesn't want to close all his cards in one basket and in that here is where everything gets confused.

Jack is upfront with Grace from that night forward and yes I completely get that they only just met yes I understand that but it doesn't make it any easier for her, I suppose when you fall you fall hard, she has to watch Jack 'fool' about with men mainly and that was tough on her heart, ok and that's how this book roles this is one big clusterFuck I cried quite a lot throughout this book and although you would like to see Jack as an 'ASS' he is that and has that asshole role but there is something you just can't help but love about him as every time Jack and Grace crossed paths there Chemistry is nothing but 'delicious' beautiful, sexy and you can't help but love him, I really did feel drawn to his character not only that but was pulled towards his spirit and drawn to his personality there's something very special about Jack and not all in the asshole kind of way but loving kind of way.

This book has a very clear message and LOVE isn't all that easy sometimes but you know what it makes you a stronger person, I come back to getting from A to B and having that HEA there's a few stumbling blocks to cross but really that makes this relationship the more special and worthwhile to feel the way they both did.

Grace you may have said 'WAKE UP' butttt in all honesty love is blind and it all comes back to you can't help who you fall in love with I would explain Grace as lovable, strong willed, driven, and sexy but above all she is NORMAL and REAL and yes I fell for Jack too.

Cat's writing was just a breeze to read it just flowed easily Cat is a great storyteller and I really just loved the events that occurred and how they went on, the extra characters I'm not going to explain them all cause as a reader you need to enjoy them as I did. I couldn't breathe till I finished, It did hurt but there were lots of happy times too this IS NOT a depressing book it's just a anxious read that will quench your thirst if that's what your wanting as it did me. All in all this was a real enjoyable fast paced love isn't simple read.

So will I recommend this- yes just be ready for the anxiety

Will I read it again- yes sometime in the future esp that epilogue I was sooo thrilled with the ending

And will I read anything Cat writes in the future?- Yes if its in this genre


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